We enable insurers to change the way they engage with customers. Our solutions allow you to manage every interaction with customers, prospects and agents – streamlining key processes, supporting compliance and delivering a differentiated experience firmly in tune with their needs.



Better connect with your customers
Interact with customers and prospects how they want, when they want and in the way they want. Whether it’s providing more personalized and welcoming policy packages, being able to produce an intuitive consolidated bill or making claims correspondence on the web a seamless and controlled process every step of the way, you can drive new levels of engagement and differentiate your service.

Boost loyalty and advocacy
Deliver a highly personalized experience and interact with customers at their convenience to strengthen your relationships and encourage them to recommend your business – maintaining and building market share.

Increase customer retention
Give your customers every reason to stay with your business by delivering a service firmly in touch with their needs, providing timely renewal notices and making the renewal process as easy as possible.

Build revenue opportunities
Know your customers as individuals to better target and tailor your policies – increasing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Enhance your agent communications to help them better position and sell your insurance products.



Streamline business processes
Enable people across your business to seamlessly collaborate to rapidly create highly personalized communications – from letters and quotes to policies and claims-related information. Eliminate manual steps and ensure seamless integration with existing systems to support straight through processing initiatives.

Increase responsiveness and agility
Empower users across your business – from the contact center to claims department, marketing to legal teams, to create and manage your customer communications, without being dependent on IT. Enable real-time updating of communications in response to specific customer requests, while ensuring compliance.

Exploit emerging digital channels and online communities
Take advantage of a single platform to manage and support your interaction with customers across every touch point – including web, email, social, mobile and print channels. Support e-business initiatives through the use of ACORD XML standards and Service Oriented Architecture.

Simplify compliance
With ‘update once, update everywhere’ capability, you can respond faster to new regulatory demands and maintain a full audit trail of your communications. Gain the flexibility to manage multiple brands using the same platform – always ensuring communications are on-brand and delivering an optimized experience.

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