General Tools Chooses ONE for Customer Engagement

Initial results show leading US retailer’s conversion rates improve 400% using journey-based personalization to kick-start their customer engagement strategy

BOSTON, APRIL 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Thunderhead, the global leader in enterprise technology for customer engagement and journey orchestration, announce that they are working with General Tools & Instruments, providing the foundation for a long-term strategic customer engagement program to build stronger and more valuable relationships with their customers and drive top-line growth. General Tools, a heritage brand and leader in the design and development of precision specialty tools, is committed to innovation and exceptional customer service.

Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub platform is a new generation of cloud-based Engagement Hub that works with and across existing systems and touchpoints to provide real-time customer journey orchestration and actionable insight. ONE provides marketers and customer experience teams with insight into customer intent in real-time, based on behavior across all channels and touchpoints. Each individual interaction is orchestrated in-flight by Thunderhead’s proprietary decisioning technology to ensure that each customer’s in-the-moment needs are met.

As the foundational enabler for their customer engagement strategy, General Tools will use ONE across both digital and off-line channels to better understand customer intent and use this insight to provide the best possible service experience, based on a personalized and seamless customer journey, guided by customer intent. The unrivalled ability of ONE to identify key opportunities for orchestration and to deliver in-the-moment personalization at scale, wherever and whenever a customer interacts, has provided rapid benefits. Deployed in just four weeks, early results have seen conversion rates improve by 400%, a clear signal of the superiority of journey-based insights over conventional digital marketing approaches, and of the benefits that will be realized as General move beyond this first phase to expand the use of ONE across all operations.

“At General we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service,” said Greg Bonsib, VP Marketing at General Tools. “With Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub, we have rapidly seen an improvement in the quality of customer insight available to us. For the first time we can visualize customers behavior both on-line and off-line, and gain rich insight into context and intent, enabling us to provide an intelligently personalized service. We’ve quickly proven remarkable value with ONE, and made a significant first step in realizing our customer engagement strategy. As we extend our use of the platform and all its capabilities, we’re looking forward to seeing ONE deliver even more value for both General Tools and our customers.”

“For almost a century General Tools has been the trusted leader in precision speciality tools,” said Glen Manchester, CEO and Founder at Thunderhead. “Digital disruption presents brands with a big challenge to keep up with skyrocketing customer expectations and an ever-expanding number of touchpoints. With ONE, General Tools is able to meet this challenge and protect their brand promise, ensuring that each customer has a seamless experience across all touchpoints, helping build deeper customer engagement based on value and trust.”

About General Tools

Founded in 1922, General Tools & Instruments is a recognized leader in the design and development of precision tools. With more than 1,200 products, including specific-purpose hand tools as well as precision measuring and inspection tools, General Tools remains committed to delivering exceptional customer service to professionals, DIYers and hobbyists around the world.

General Tools is headquartered in Secaucus, NJ. For more about General Tools and its products visit:

About Thunderhead

Thunderhead is leading the movement to transform customer engagement, enabling brands for the first time to understand each customer’s INTENT and orchestrate personalized journeys for millions of customers across billions of touchpoints, seamlessly and in real-time.

With Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub it’s now possible for brands to deliver exceptional engagement for every customer across every journey. Across every industry, ONE is driving topline growth, reducing cost-to-serve, increasing customer happiness and building customer lifetime value.

A recognized global leader in the customer engagement market, Thunderhead is headquartered in London and has its development HQ in Boston.

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