Thunderhead and COVID-19

The Thunderhead team hopes that you and your colleagues, friends and family are safe and well. Rest assured that amidst these unusual events, we are set up to continue providing the highest level of service to our clients and their customers, while maintaining a healthy and effective workplace.

The Thunderhead Working Environment

At the outset of this crisis, we convened a COVID-19 Task Force, comprising representatives from across the business. Its role is essentially to review the evolving information and advice provided by governmental and local medical authorities, prioritizing and adjusting our approach with minimal delay. As the situation developed, we have implemented thoughtful procedures to maintain the status quo, triage at speed and provide business continuity with the changing circumstances.

As a SaaS-based business, we were already well-placed to implement remote working for all staff, across our territories. And as things slowly return to normal, our team has created a roadmap with graduated procedures to ensure staff safety and success, from one-way staircases and complete social distancing to adaptable working hours and new sanitation procedures. We’ve also deep-cleaned every office in the meantime. Finally, we are focused on staff wellbeing with a flexible ‘return to work’ policy, mental health support and daily check-ins across the business.

Supporting our Clients and Partners

While we have all been impacted, life does go on and Thunderhead has made every effort to ensure minimal levels of disruption. To this end, we’d like to thank our clients and partners for their support and understanding during these exceptional times.

Our platform is robust, allowing us to maintain our uptime Service Level Agreements. Meanwhile, the Operations team continues to monitor our services – every hour of every day (and night). With all staff successfully set up for working remotely, our support has been fully maintained with the safety of our colleagues, clients and partners in mind. The same can be said for our clients’ data. We do not envisage COVID-19 disrupting our ability to deliver to our customers anywhere in the world.

Providing the best for your customers

The impact of Coronavirus has united us globally, but industries have experienced very different challenges as a result of the pandemic.

While some businesses attempted to navigate complete drop-off in customer activity, others faced overwhelming customer demand. As their customers adapt to new ways of conversing with brands across the digital and physical space, Journey Orchestration techniques have been able to alleviate each business problem across sales, service and marketing.

A few examples of how ONE has been  helping you to serve your customers:

  • Individualizing Covid-19 experiences across all channels, based on existing knowledge. For example, banks can make the decision to offer breaks in mortgage or credit card payments without the need for any IT/Web development and then message appropriately.
  • Adaptive journeys help prioritize the provision of positive customer experiences through real-time interventions. This might be providing fast online self-serve options based on understanding customer intent in real time, handing off to a sales rep if the buying process stumbles, swift personal help if attempted logins fail, or delivering journey insight and next-best-conversation prompts for service teams dealing with increased demand.
  • Our Audiences feature can identify key workers and vulnerable audiences, furthering specific conversations and stepping in where needed – including for offline customers in need of special support.
  • Providing persistent and relevant conversation for each individual, despite unique circumstances. For sports clubs (with no games taking place), this might be continuing a dialogue based on a fan’s favorite player’s antics on lockdown.
  • Allowing brands to pivot very quickly to change focus as situations change, operationalizing solutions to mitigate without involving IT and web teams.

With the implementation of customer-led journeys, brands are able to focus resource where it’s needed most, optimizing in the moment and across channels. In conversation with customers, they can then empathize on an individual level, leading to deeper engagement and improved relationships. And in time of change and uncertainty, this is absolutely critical.

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