Thunderhead Announces HIPAA Compliance, Extending Security and Privacy Credentials into the Healthcare Market

Thunderhead, the global leader in enterprise technology for customer engagement and journey orchestration, today announces compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA is a series of stringent security and privacy standards that govern the use and disclosure of sensitive protected health information (PHI).

Compliance with HIPAA provides assurance that proper and continual measures are taken to protect PHI. It enables HIPAA-regulated customers to use Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub and AI-driven ThunderBay for real-time and omnichannel journey orchestration, and to securely process PHI.

In addition to HIPAA, Thunderhead holds a comprehensive set of compliance certifications including ISO 27001 and SOC 2, demonstrating its commitment to delivering the highest level of security to customers and providing the assurance that data is managed in compliance with internationally recognized standards.

Thunderhead is committed to a privacy-by-design approach, and regulatory compliance is integral to all aspects of the company’s governance, business operations and organizational culture. Thunderhead is audited annually by independent third-party auditors and undertakes regular internal reviews to keep pace with the rapidly changing privacy and security landscape.

Thunderhead was recently commended in the CRM Watchlist Winners 2020 for its outstanding commitment to customer privacy and security, receiving the highest score for privacy. Thunderhead’s Journey Orchestration platform was most recently recognized as a ‘fast growth’ tech by Gartner* and a Leader in Forrester’s Journey Orchestration Wave™.

Danny Robinson, Thunderhead’s CTO, commented, “Our market leading technology is the result of clean-sheet thinking. We’re in the fortunate position of having a product that has been built from the ground up with privacy-by-design thinking and an engagement model based on trust. Meeting the highly regulated standards of HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, CCPA and GDPR sets us apart from other vendors in the Customer Journey Analytics, Orchestration and Real-Time-Interaction Management (RTIM) space. Many of the solutions in this space have been cobbled together or repurposed from older applications, which brings challenges and complexities to the compliance standards expected today.

As an organization, we’re deeply committed to privacy and security, and we’re proud to have achieved HIPAA compliance. With this accomplishment, we can broaden the reach of our customer engagement and journey orchestration use cases, enabling our enterprise customers to better serve their members, driving value and building trust.”

* Gartner: Invest Implications: Market Share, All Software Markets, Worldwide – Adam Woodyer, April 2020

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