Marston’s showcase Customer Engagement at Microsoft Convergence EMEA

Barcelona, 2 December 2015 – Microsoft Convergence EMEA

Marston’s PLC, hospitality company and the largest brewer of cask ale in the world, today shared their transformational strategy for true customer engagement at Microsoft Convergence EMEA.

Striving to keep the pub at the heart of the British community, Paul Hume – responsible for emerging technologies at Marston’s, shared how they have prioritised getting to know their customers by joining up their physical, outbound and digital channels. Marston’s implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to establish and maintain a single view of their customer base across their brands. Using Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub they were able to understand their customers’ journey and harness intelligent decisioning capabilities to deliver personalised customer service and engaging experiences.

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics and the ONE Engagement Hub has allowed Marston’s to see their customers as friends. By listening to their customers across the entire customer journey, they have gained insight into their individual preferences and are able to develop relevant and timely marketing communications to best suit their particular needs.

On stage at Microsoft’s flagship thought leader event, Paul Hume told the Convergence audience, “Pubs are unique to the UK but the principle applies to bars and restaurants everywhere. These are essentially a ‘social’ experience. People go to pubs with their families, to meet friends and to be a part of the local community, to swap stories, enjoy a drink or share a meal. In business we need to use every opportunity to turn our customers into friends and now technology is in a place where it can help make that possible.”

He continued, “That’s where technologies like Thunderhead come in – they helped us listen to every customer journey and gain real-time insight into customer behavior. Our CRM systems then help us to make sense of it all and we then fine tune our communication strategies.”

Following the keynote, Jason Hemingway, CMO of Thunderhead commented, “Marston’s are ahead of the curve with their customer engagement strategy. They have shifted their focus to building real relationships with their customers and this has differentiated them in a highly competitive hospitality sector. They have discovered the cost of investing in customer engagement really is small beer compared to the value it brings to the business.”

Watch the ‘Thunderhead Meet Marston’s at the Pub’, a two minute video that summarises the power of Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub and how it’s being used by Marston’s.