Thunderhead Named A Winner with distinction in the CRM Watchlist 2020

Leading Journey Orchestration Platform scores the highest for technology and unrivalled commitment to compliance and privacy

Thunderhead, the global leader in enterprise technology for customer engagement and journey orchestration, today announced that it has been named as a Winner with Distinction in the influential CRM Watchlist for 2020. Thunderhead are one of only three brands commended with ‘Distinction’ status, along with Salesforce and Microsoft. The prestigious award, now in its 15th year, highlights companies making a significant impact in customer-facing technology and is conducted by leading CRM analyst and thought leader Paul Greenberg, Managing Principal of The 56 Group, and best-selling author of CRM At The Speed of Light and The Commonwealth of Self Interest.

Paul Greenberg emphasizes that the Watchlist is a market impact award, and that winners must be “a complete company that has been doing this long enough to have established a rhythm.” He notes that a winning company “has to be well-rounded: it has financial stability, solid management, excellent products and services, superb culture, and a strong partner ecosystem to help sustain its efforts” with “a clear vision and mission and also clear-cut strategies for outreach to get external forces – customers, analysts, journalists, prospects, influencers, etc. – engaged.”

In the announcement, Thunderhead’s AI-powered ONE platform receives the highest scoring for technology and for privacy, a testament to Thunderhead’s clean-sheet thinking and pioneering built-for-purpose solution. ONE enables marketers and CX leaders to drive customer engagement at scale, combining advanced journey and audience analytics with real-time decisioning and orchestration, helping brands power dynamic in-the-moment conversations across every touchpoint throughout each unique customer journey. Journey orchestration and advanced journey intelligence have quickly become the new tech frontier helping brands drive customer engagement and digital transformation.

Glen Manchester, CEO at Thunderhead, commented, “We’re thrilled to be named as a Watchlist Winner for 2020. The Watchlist is a significant landscape review of companies making the most impact in customer-facing technologies, and we’re especially honoured this year to be a Winner with Distinction. As the market pioneer and leader in journey orchestration technology, we couldn’t agree more with Paul Greenberg’s statement that ‘CX and customer engagement are now standard to the thinking of companies’.

The core CRM technology markets – Marketing, Sales, Service and Commerce – are at a point of strategic inflection, brought about by the Customer Engagement paradigm, which is redefining not only the way in which brands acquire and service their customers, but the very process of value creation and growth in the digital economy. This requires a new generation of enterprise technology for which Thunderhead is the pioneering leader, which is why it’s so gratifying to recognized by the Watchlist with Distinction. Meanwhile, we’ve been busy developing the next level of AI-driven journey-based customer intelligence, and there will be more on that in the coming weeks.”

There were 66 submissions, totalling over 4000 pages to select the 2020 CRM Watchlist Winners. Only 3 brands were given distinction status. No brands reached elite status in 2020.

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