Thunderhead’s AI-powered Intent Analyzer Achieves Exceptional Early Results

Early results using Intent Analyzer show a significant sales uplift and increased customer engagement

Boston, June 11, 2018/ PRNewswire/ – Thunderhead, the global leader in customer engagement and journey orchestration, announces early deployment results for Intent Analyzer. Thunderhead’s Intent Analyzer, a new AI driven journey intelligence capability announced in March, is a breakthrough enhancement to its market leading ONE Engagement Hub which enables brands to move beyond customer journey visualizations to uncover an even deeper level of actionable journey intelligence.

Early adopters have been able to realize the benefits of combining Intent Analyzer with the existing ground-breaking capabilities of ONE to deliver hyper personalized customer conversations, uncover new opportunities for orchestration and build increased engagement across the end-to-end customer journey. Early results from customers using ONE’s existing AI capabilities together with Intent Analyzer have already highlighted significant results, for example one leading brand has already achieved a remarkable 10% uplift in sales, and a 6% reduction in abandoned journeys. This was achieved by using Intent Analyzer to identify significant patterns of customer intent and fine tune journey-based personalization with ONE’s in-the-moment decisioning.

Intent Analyzer provides deeper insight and more effective personalization by combining the power of behavioral profile enrichment with AI-powered predictive and prescriptive analytics, driving increased engagement at unprecedented speed and scale. Marketers and CX leaders can now further accelerate their understanding of customer intent to help shape even more relevant and personal one-to-one conversations.

“We’re delighted with the early results of our first Intent Analyzer deployments, which demonstrate the huge potential for AI to further enhance the customer insight and journey orchestration capabilities of our pioneering ONE Engagement Hub,” said Glen Manchester, CEO and Founder at Thunderhead. “Understanding and relevancy has never been more important for brands looking to build trust and engagement with their customers, and a focus on developing valuable long-term customer relationships is now critical given the crisis of trust which is driving privacy initiatives like GDPR. Using ONE and Intent Analyzer it’s now possible for Marketing and CX teams to further leverage the power of AI and easily apply it to accelerate customer engagement and digital transformation at scale, helping them stay ahead of customer expectations and build authentic one-to-one relationships.”

About Thunderhead

Thunderhead is leading the movement to transform customer engagement, enabling brands for the first time to understand each customer’s INTENT and orchestrate personalized journeys for millions of customers across billions of touchpoints, seamlessly and in real-time.

With Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub it’s now possible for brands to deliver exceptional engagement for every customer across every journey. Across every industry, ONE is driving topline growth, reducing cost-to-serve, increasing customer happiness and building customer lifetime value.

A recognized global leader in the customer engagement market, Thunderhead is headquartered in London and has its development HQ in Boston.

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