About Thunderhead

We’re a pioneering software company who, since launching the ONE Engagement Hub, has become a recognized global technology leader in the customer engagement market. With our pioneering, AI-driven, ONE Engagement Hub it’s now possible for brands to deliver exceptional engagement for every customer across every journey. We’re headquartered in London, with a development HQ in Boston and offices across Europe and North America.

We're on a MISSION

In today’s complex world of business transformation and connected markets, we we’re on a mission to help our customers succeed by providing intelligent technology that harnesses the power of AI that enables them to build engagement at scale, creating valuable and long-lasting customer relationships. Through the application of our innovative technology we will inspire and lead a movement to help brands transform customer engagement.

What's in a Name?

Thunderhead - a storm cloud that signals disruption and turbulence

We are a disruptive force that’s transforming the landscape of enterprise technology. We are a storm cloud. We are Thunderhead.

Artisans. Inventors
Agents of change

Chop any one of us and you'll find Thunderhead at the core. Who would've thought of revolutionary software to create happier, more engaged customers. Meet the team who have thought about just that...