Thunderhead triumphs in Technology category at Brand Impact Awards

LONDON – March 6th, 2014 – Engagement Software solutions business Thunderhead has been recognised for best brand programme in the Technology and Telco sector at the inaugural Brand Impact Awards.

Organised by international media group and leading digital business Future Plc, the Awards celebrate creative excellence in branding for organisations that demonstrate leadership both in consistency and impact of brand messages and execution.

The winners were selected by senior figures including heads of Brand, Creative and Design from the world’s best known brands including Mars, Adidas, Carlsberg Group and Tesco as well as from a range of leading agencies and media groups.

Under the leadership of Glen Manchester, Thunderhead has grown into a global technology company employing more than 300 people globally, with more than 230 enterprise customers from some of the world’s biggest brands.

Thunderhead continues to grow in its leadership in cloud-based customer experience and engagement solutions. Its brand is key as it reflects the business’ growing focus in helping companies build engaged relationships with their customers through highly personalised and relevant interactions and streamlining, automating and accelerating customer experience in the multichannel age.

Central to this is the ONE Engagement Hub which enables business users – and not IT experts – to radically and quickly simplify the process of delivering exceptional, real-time customer service via personalised, relevant and compliant communications.

ONE ties together customer insight, context and journey behaviour and uses these to inform interactions with customers and partners across all touch points.

Commenting on the award, Kirstin Ogilvie, VP, Corporate Marketing, from Thunderhead said: “We’re delighted to be honoured for the impact our brand is having in establishing and growing our market leading offer. One of the key aspects reflected in our brand is the importance of customer relationships and the need for intelligent, intuitive and beautifully designed engagement solutions to maximise and add value to those relationships. We’re proud to think differently as an enterprise technology company and have designed our solutions for the business user. It’s this fresh approach to customer engagement that is rooted in our brand and we’re thrilled to be recognised for this.”

The brand development work was delivered in partnership with London-based design and branding consultancy Handsome and The Feral Creative.

About Thunderhead

Thunderhead provides a range of powerful SaaS solutions from its ONE Engagement Hub. The ONE Engagement Hub ties together customer insight, context and journey behavior and uses these to inform interactions with customers and partners across all touchpoints.

We make it easy for customer-facing teams to design and deploy great customer journeys based on this rich insight and through value-driven interactions that lead to long-term engagement.

The result is that businesses have more power to drive revenue, brand strength and differentiation by delivering far beyond isolated interactions and experiences but by creating the rich relationships that great businesses are built on. Thunderhead serves its global customer base from offices located in North America and Europe.

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