ONE Engagement Hub for the Energy Industry

ONE Engagement Hub for the Energy Industry

Feeling Underpowered?

Energy companies are under pressure from aggregators, sprightly young businesses, and (thanks to technical and product innovations) ever-rising customer expectations. This increases the need to restore trust and differentiate through significantly improved customer service and diversified product offerings.
Satisfying customers at scale needs a cross-channel understanding of individual customers, from their motivations to their behavior. While this might sound tricky, it needn’t be: we’ve got your back.

Powering Customer Engagement with ONE

We’re helping Energy companies connect, understand and act upon customer insight – across brands, channels and touchpoints – to deliver the very best customer experiences.
ONE can identify and respond to opportunities (or pain-points) ahead of time: whether that’s bill shock, a cross-sell opportunity, reducing ‘cost to serve’, or minimizing the risk of switching.


A Customer-Driven approach for Energy

Find out exactly how the ONE Engagement Hub can help Energy suppliers to tackle the challenges they’re facing. Use the ONE Engagement Hub technology to power up customer relationships, tackle customer churn, increase loyalty, and build long-term value.


Utility Week | Thunderhead Insight Report

Customer journeys are changing. Engagement – and an optimized customer journey – may be core to business success in the retail world, but do utilities really understand what this means?

Many organisations have a dated view of the term “customer journey”. Journeys used to be directed by companies. But now, customers are firmly in the driving seat.
What does this mean for how energy retailers engage customers, and improve their experiences? And how does an improved customer journey benefit the bottom line?

This Insight Report from Utility Week, in association with Thunderhead, explores how companies inside and outside of the energy sector are taking on the challenge of changing customer expectations, how they can improve customer journeys, and the role customer engagement plays in their growth plans.



In an era of ever-easier switching, energy suppliers have a huge issue in the battle to keep customers and build loyalty. This was the exact problem facing one of the biggest energy suppliers in Europe. A radical change was needed to address the crisis head on. Read this Customer Story to find out how Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub helped them to achieve that.

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