ONE Engagement Hub for the Insurance Industry

In a fiercely competitive and price sensitive market, insurance companies are falling into a Customer Engagement Gap. To try and close this gap between what insurance brands deliver and their customers’ expectations, insurance companies are differentiating themselves through quality of experience.


ONE enables you to understand customer expectations and intent, to help your customers get to where they want, in a way that feels natural, helping develop lasting and meaningful customer relationships.


Whether your customers are looking for a high value quality service, need to trust in your integrity, if they’re seeking value and a competitive price, if they value expert advice, or whether they’re more interested in personalized services and avoiding speaking to agents – you always need to know what your customers need. Your customers not your policies need to be the core of your business.

With ONE…
You need never miss a single signal, capturing customer behaviours across all channels and touchpoints at every moment, online and offline – generating powerful real-time context that brings your customer data to life. Eliminate guesswork as you understand actual customer journeys, not idealized ones.

Take The Right Action At The Right Time

Research shows in the insurance sector that over 90% of customers felt that they do not receive relevant offers and services, and nearly two thirds have a reduced opinion of insurance providers when they receive irrelevant communications.(*Source: The Protection Review The Syndicate Research, March 2016, 2002 UK consumer adults)
With ONE…
With ONE you can listen everywhere and respond in real time to support millions of seamless intent-driven journeys across billions of moments and all touchpoints. Now you can take the right action at the right time with in-the-moment orchestration.

Get Up And Running Quickly And Simply

Insurance brands who embark on far-reaching digital transformations can find themselves tied up in projects for months before implementing or effecting change. By focusing on specific use cases that tackle current business problems and address cultural and organisational change, teams can demonstrate dramatic results in the short-term that will trigger and stimulate change across the wider business.

With ONE…
Get up and running quickly and simply with remarkable time to value. ONE integrates easily with your existing investments and there’s no infrastructure setup or specialized expertise. Designed for business stakeholders, Thunderhead is easy and intuitive to use.


With a new approach you can drive topline growth, reduce cost-to-serve, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately grow customer lifetime value. Who wouldn’t want that?


Serve customers more effectively with more relevant and personal experiences. You’ll reap rewards with cross and upsell opportunities as well as acquisition.


You can build long-term loyalty and develop relationships based on mutual value and trust. See your retention rates soar and stop the switch crisis.


Cost-to-serve is reduced by understanding intent and acquisition efforts become more successful with personalised next best offers.

Is Your Insurance Brand One Of The 51% That Falls Into The Engagement Gap?

51% of UK consumers wouldn’t consider themselves a loyal customer of their insurance provider. Download the Syndicate Insurance Report to see the insurance customer engagement gap for yourself.

Each year, The Protection Review launches The Syndicate, a research community committed to empowering the protection insurance industry. The Syndicate seeks to explore the consumer mindset with regard to protection insurance and establish why people hold the views they do in order to determine the best way for the industry to respond.

This report highlights a growing ‘engagement gap’ with that exists in the relationship between insurers and their customers.

Download Report

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