ONE Engagement Hub for Utilities Businesses

How ONE helps Utility Companies

Feeling Underpowered?

Here’s the thing. Customer expectations are soaring, and keeping up can feel like an insurmountable problem. Keeping customers and regulators happy is more challenging, expensive and critical than ever before.
But don’t worry, understanding and exceeding your customers’ expectations doesn’t need to be hard, and shouldn’t mean you need to replace your existing systems. Happy customers means happy businesses, and happy regulators, so everyone wins.


We’re enabling Utility companies for the first time to understand each customer’s intent across the online and offline journey whether that’s a question about their bill, help with an outage or moving home. ONE continuously orchestrates millions of individual journeys for millions of customers across billions of touchpoints, seamlessly and in real-time.

A Customer-Driven Approach For Utilities

ONE helps you in the following ways:


By understanding their intent, you can help your customers get to where they want, in a way that feels natural. This allows you to present customers with the information or guidance they need on lower cost channels (such as your website), and avoid higher cost channels such as unnecessary calls to call center agents, which of course means you can drastically reduce your cost-to-serve.

With ONE
• With deep level insights, visualize a single view of the customer journey and behavior.
• Unify across every channel and touchpoint with an engagement layer over your existing systems.
• Adopt a genuine intent-driven, customer centric strategy.
• Start small and expand to true engagement across the entire customer journey.


You can build long-term trust and develop relationships based on mutual value and trust by making every customer interaction feel effortless. See your CSAT and NPS soar, while reducing customer complaints. And customers that receive a great service from you are less likely to feel cheated by price increases or service issues.

With ONE
• Understand intent every time a customer interacts with you.
• In the moment orchestration with decisioning built on actual journeys.
• Truly omni channel (both online and offline).
• Light touch integration with no need for specialist skills, knowledge or resources.


Keeping your customers happy is crucial to keeping the Regulator happy. With our approach you can drive topline growth, reduce cost-to-serve, increase customer satisfaction, grow customer lifetime value and make sure the Regulator isn’t banging on your door. Who wouldn’t want that?

With ONE
• Simplicity and speed.
• Low barriers to implementation.
• Real-time, customer-centric journey orchestration.
• Personalization based on the journey that means the customer always finds what they’re looking for.


Supply the experience your customers demand. Providing a seamless and consistent customer journey across every touchpoint, and integrating the technology necessary to do so, is one of the greatest challenges facing utility companies today. Find out how Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE) will help.


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