Thunderhead and Salesforce

Bringing true customer journey orchestration and RTIM to Salesforce customers
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The Thunder behind the Lightning

With hundreds of joint customers across 14 verticals and six continents, Thunderhead’s unique technology and expertise is behind countless deployments amplifying Salesforce’s Marketing and CRM solutions.

Thunderhead’s out-of-the-box Salesforce integration enables our market-leading technology to seamlessly provide omnichannel Customer Journey Orchestration and Real-time Interaction Management to Salesforce customers.

Thunderhead + Salesforce

Integrating with your Salesforce products (and any other platforms and systems), Thunderhead’s real-time journey-based analytics, decisioning and orchestration significantly enhances Salesforce technology. This allows you to deliver the most relevant conversation to your customers, whenever and wherever they interact and across all departments, including sales, service, marketing and ecommerce.

Thunderhead ONE listens across all channels and touchpoints, both online and offline, to connect and recognize customers, and then orchestrate their journey. With the additional power of ThunderBay, our ground-breaking analytics platform, things step up a gear. ThunderBay harnesses the power of AI to analyze customer journeys at scale. This ability means you can automate the analysis of billions of individual customer journeys, building audiences, data sets and predictive models from customer insights based on real-time journey behavior. This can then be used to enhance ONE’s Journey Orchestration.

Move beyond Personalization to Individualization

Unlike traditional Personalization and Recommendation Engines built to focus on products, Thunderhead has been purpose-built for one-to-one engagement across all channels and touchpoints.

This goes beyond personalization, to individualization: informed by journey insight and real-time context, and focusing on moments-based marketing and journey-based orchestration.

Working with Thunderhead

Not only is it quick and easy to integrate with us thanks to our out-of-the-box Salesforce integrations, but we’re also fully ISO, SOC and HIPAA certified, complying with even the most stringent levels of security requirements.

You can then access the enhanced capabilities of Thunderhead, including ThunderBay. This is our ground-breaking analytics platform, providing greater insights by understanding the customer journeys, and automating ongoing audiences to fuel your marketing campaigns.

ThunderBay: AI Powered Analytics & Orchestration

ThunderBay harnesses the power of AI to automate the analysis of billions of individual customer journeys. Based on real-time customer journey behavior and insight, it will then build audiences, data sets and predictive models.

For example, ask ThunderBay to show you the common journeys originating from customers’ responses to paid media, who then drop off after adding the product to their basket. ThunderBay will show you which channels the audience interacts with, where they switch channels, where they become dormant, and the key moments with a higher drop-out probability. The result is an ongoing audience of similar customer journeys that is activated in real-time across all channels, ensuring an individualized experience wherever they interact with your brand.

The Value of Thunderhead ONE + Salesforce for Your Business

Connecting all areas of your business, including sales, service, marketing and e-commerce, Thunderhead spans your organization to help you realize value across your key value levers.

Whether that’s increasing acquisition, understanding how you can reduce your cost-to-serve, developing up-sell opportunities or other key areas, with Thunderhead you can quickly start anywhere and rapidly grow from there.

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If you’re interested in hearing more, we’ve just published our latest webinar. Here, we share how Thunderhead can transform your Salesforce Marketing Cloud deployment with full Journey Orchestration and Analytics.

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