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Fads and fashions come and go, but the trend in understanding customer behaviour is here to stay. Our ONE Geek Sheet is a techy tour of how we achieve true customer engagement for our customers. It’s the perfect read for the chicest of geeks.


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ONE puts the customers where they should be, at the centre of your business. Listen, Recognise, Understand, Design, Personalise and Deliver – Follow the arrows to follow ONE’s 6-steps to happier, more engaged customers.

How ONE Works

1. Listen and record

Use ONE to design, test, and publish your customer journey stages, propositions, customer activities and interaction points across any touchpoint, in any channel. You are then set up to use ONE to record all customer interactions and responses, to personalise and generate content and behavioural data.
How ONE Works

2. Recognise & Connect

Recognise and connect with audiences across multiple channels and devices. And because ONE enables multiple customer keys to be linked to one customer profile, you can get a truly complete omni-channel view of how a customer is behaving. You can even track anonymous visitors from their second interaction using the Thunderhead ID.
How ONE Works

3. Understand & Learn

Journey Analytics allows you to understand and learn from visitor behaviour across their entire journey. ONE captures, tracks and optimises across all touchpoints, and records real-time data in its 'brain' - the Adaptive Engagement Profile.
How ONE Works

4. Design & Assess

Use ONE to help you design customer strategies, and assess which approach will deliver the appropriate exchange of value between the business and the customer.
How ONE Works

5. Determine & Personalise

Use ONE to generate personalised content by designing, testing and publishing rules or expressions to optimise different touchpoints. ONE will then pull relevant assets from its own local, or external asset databases. ONE enables multiple propositions to be linked to the same tracking point on a channel, allowing highly-efficient optimisation and listening. An entirely new way to think about using real estate on your digital touchpoints.
How ONE Works

6. Deliver & Optimise

Deliver the relevant content to the appropriate place of interaction, across any channel and touchpoint. Then record the responses to adapt the customer's profile in the Adaptive Engagement Profile.

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“ONE is a truly ground-breaking solution for customer engagement. It has already allowed us to understand our customer’s behavior before they make a booking with one of our hotels. We are able to tailor a customer journey to ensure each customer is dealt with as an individual, receiving relevant and timely information from us to help them confirm their booking.”

Guy Parsons CEO

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