Feeling Underpowered? 

Here’s the thing. Whether it’s unruly retention rates, huge pressure on margins, an acquisition challenge or even all of these combined, it can feel as though you have an insurmountable problem.

Today’s customer has exploding expectations and developments in technology are moving at the speed of light. Smart meters and the connected home are here and it’s more important than ever to address foundational problems that are limiting your power as a provider.

Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub Can Help:

We’re enabling energy suppliers to understand each customer’s intent and continuously orchestrate individualized journeys for millions of customers across billions of touchpoints, seamlessly and in real-time. Here’s how:

Always know your customer’s intent


Never miss a single signal, capturing behaviours across all channels and touchpoints at every moment, online and offline - generating powerful real-time context that brings your customer data to life. Eliminate guesswork as you understand actual customer journeys, not idealized ones.

With ONE…

  • Visualise a single view of the customer journey and behaviour with deep level insights.
  • An engagement layer over current systems to unify across every channel and touchpoints.
  • Shift to an intent-driven customer centric strategy.
  • Start small and expand to true engagement across the journey.

Take the right action at the right time


Listen everywhere and respond in real time to support millions of seamless intent-driven journeys across billions of moments and all touchpoints. Now you can take the right action at the right time with in-the-moment orchestration.

With ONE…

  • Understand intent every time a customer interacts with your brand.
  • In the moment orchestration – decisioning built on journeys.
  • Truly omnichannel (online and offline).
  • Business user centred customer experience designer – light touch.

Get up and running quickly and simply


Get up and running quickly and simply with remarkable time to value. ONE integrates easily with your existing investments and there’s no infrastructure setup or specialized expertise. Designed for business stakeholders, Thunderhead is easy and intuitive to use.

With ONE…

  • Simplicity and speed.
  • Low barriers to implementation.
  • Real-time, customer-centric journey orchestration.
  • Personalisation based on the journey that means the brand is always relevant.

What’s the value
of transforming
customer relationships?

With a new approach you can drive topline growth, reduce cost-to-serve, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately grow customer lifetime value. Who wouldn’t want that?

Serve customers more effectively with more relevant and personal experiences. You’ll reap rewards with cross and upsell opportunities as well as acquisition.

You can build long-term loyalty and develop relationships based on mutual value and trust. See your retention rates soar and stop the switch crisis.

Cost-to-serve is reduced by understanding intent and acquisition efforts become more successful with personalised next best offers.

Thunderhead and The Energy Supplier

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