Fan Engagement

Increasingly sport and entertainment is blending and there’s a big shift to put the relationship with fans at the center of everything.

Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub Can Help:

ONE uncovers crucial actionable insight, such as fan affinity, to enable truly personalized experiences to drive fan engagement.


Never miss a single signal, capturing fan behaviours across all channels and touchpoints at every moment, online and offline - generating powerful real-time context that brings your fan data to life. Eliminate guesswork as you understand actual journeys your fans are taking, not idealized ones. Understand exactly who each of your individual fans are; who their favourite player is; if they are using your team’s app; if they’ve been browsing your website for a jersey and what size they’d like and even where they are in the world.

With ONE…

  • Visualise a single view of the fan journey and behaviour with deep level insights.
  • An engagement layer over current systems to unify across every channel and touchpoints.
  • Shift to an intent-driven fan centric strategy.
  • Start small and expand to true engagement across the journey.


Do the right thing with your fans, when they need it. Listen to your fans everywhere, the moment they interact on your mobile app, visit the team shop, call to inquire about season tickets. Respond in real time to support millions of seamless intent-driven journeys across many moments and all touchpoints. The court or stadium is just one of many touchpoints available for the fan to interact with their favorite team and players. Replicate that game day experience consistently wherever your fans may be. Now you can take the right action at the right time with in-the-moment orchestration.

  • Understand intent every time a fan interacts with your brand.
  • In the moment orchestration – decisioning built on journeys.
  • Truly omnichannel (online and offline).
  • Business user centred customer experience designer – light touch.


Get up and running quickly and simply with remarkable time to value. ONE integrates easily with your existing investments and there’s no infrastructure setup or specialized expertise. Designed for business stakeholders, Thunderhead is easy and intuitive to use.

With ONE…

  • Simplicity and speed.
  • Low barriers to implementation.
  • Real-time, fan-centric journey orchestration.
  • Personalisation based on the journey that means the brand is always relevant.

What’s the value
of transforming
fan relationships?

With a new approach you can drive topline growth, reduce cost-to-serve, increase fan loyalty, and ultimately grow fan lifetime value. Who wouldn’t want that?

Serve fans more effectively with more relevant and personal experiences. Reward your Super Fans. You’ll reap rewards with cross and upsell opportunities.

You can build long-term fan loyalty and develop relationships based on mutual value and trust.

Cost-to-serve is reduced by understanding intent and acquisition efforts become more successful with personalised next best offers.

“Thunderhead has a truly revolutionary solution for fan engagement. With the ONE Engagement Hub we’ll be able to understand our fan journeys across every touchpoint in real-time and then use ONE to deliver a more relevant, personalized and consistent experience for our fans every time, whether they’re at the arena, at home or online. It’s a key component of our strategy, unifying our existing infrastructure and systems around our fans and at the same time being very quick to deploy and see results. Quite literally a game changer.”

Mike Conley, CIO, Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Keynote Case Study Presentation

Watch the Keynote Presentation at the Forrester Consumer Marketing 2018 event, with Ray Gerber, Chief Product Officer, Thunderhead and Michael Conley, SVP Chief Information Officer, Cleveland Cavaliers.

Hear how the Cavs innovative CIO, Mike Conley, has led them along the path to intent-based personalisation and see the incredible results they are achieving through 1:1 Fan Engagement with Thunderhead.

Signing of The Season Case Study

Value to the fan means value to the brand. The adoption of the ONE Engagement Hub really is the best signing a team can make.

An internationally recognised brand, a team littered with superstar players and a burgeoning trophy cabinet. A top Premier League Football Club that has grown accustomed to winning on the pitch… but what about off the pitch? Our client recognised the need to engage their global fan base and ensure that the fan of today is also the fan of tomorrow. They wanted to understand who their fans were, what those fans needed and where they were on their journey to meet that need. They also feel Thunderhead gives them such a huge competitive advantage we can't specifically name them...

To find out more about fan engagement is as easy as putting the ball into an empty net from six yards, read the case study.

ONE for Sport

With most sports franchises striving to learn as much as they can about their fans, read this Use Case for the Sport industry to find out how Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub really is the best signing a team can make for fan engagement.

Fan Engagement Blog

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