ONE is the hub that brings everything together. It recognises your customers whenever they come into contact with your brand. It provides real-time journey analytics, uncovering customer insight you’ve never seen before. Armed with this level of understanding ONE helps you have personalised conversations every time.  


ONE recognises your customers and links cross-channel and cross-device behaviour with existing system of record data, creating a unique and real-time profile for every customer. ONE will give you the Omni-Channel Customer View.


ONE uncovers a deeper level of insight with its suite of powerful engagement analytics and visualisation tools. Customer analytics, focuses on who your customers are. Journey analytics, focuses on how they behave. Conversation analytics, focuses on how they respond to your personalised conversations.


Insight is useless unless it’s put into action. ONE uses the insight it gathers to personalise every conversation throughout the entire customer journey. ONE provides the Next Best Conversation to have with your customers based on their personal preferences, behaviour and journey context.

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“As a brand working with Thunderhead, it’s been quite remarkable. We’ve learnt quite a lot about our customers that we didn’t know before…. You can’t make friends with someone without knowing something about them first.”

Mike McMinn CIO

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