Trail-blazing Marketers are moving away from mere ‘campaigns’, and looking more at the end-to-end customer experience and customer journeys. The challenge Marketers face however is the ability to see a single view of a customer’s behaviour spanning all interactions they have with the brand irrespective of touchpoint, channel or device. Here’s how our ONE Engagement Hub can help.


Let’s be clear, ONE is not a content management system, digital marketing tool, or a marketing automation system. ONE is a light-touch customer engagement platform. This means ONE has been built to be omni-channel from the ground up and is truly channel agnostic, both when listening to customer activity and when optimising customer conversations. This means that ONE isn’t tied to a specific channel as perhaps a marketing automation system is.


ONE gives you marketing folk an easy-to-use platform without the need for ‘IT help’ on your speed-dial. It gives Marketers an omni-channel language that lets you shape how it uses touchpoints to have conversations with customers – any touchpoint, on any device. ONE doesn’t care about the format, it cares about delivering relevant and consistent messages in the best way.


ONE adds customer engagement skills to CRM systems including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP and Salesforce by feeding it customer journey insight. ONE uses it’s listening and context capability to create CRM transactions, such as leads, that enhance the customer profile in a CRM system. ONE benefits because it builds data from CRM systems into the context upon which optimisation or personalisation of customer conversations will happen. ONE doesn’t only work with the big enterprises CRM providers, it also rapidly integrates with bespoke customer management or front of house systems.


ONE’s journey visualisation reflects the actual customer journey, as opposed to perceived customer journeys that you may find in marketing automation systems. The analytics portion of ONE represents your customers’ movements between lifecycle stages, where customers join, when they drop out of a given journey and how they interact with channels and touchpoints.


We don’t believe in campaigns, instead we have designed ONE to help you have ongoing, personalised conversations with customers, which work in two ways: listening and optimising. The personalised optimisation is an active response to the customer at their touchpoint that’s based on their journey behaviour and what we know about them. ONE turns ‘listening’ insight into an action that is directed to personalising the customer experience – in real-time, in the moment.

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