We know that at least 25% of customers will switch brands after one bad experience resulting in Service performance directly affecting customer retention; stop the rot before it begins, nip those problems in the bud, and deliver value every single time a customer interacts with you. ONE can help achieve this by enabling all customer facing employees, such as contact centre staff, retail branch or relationship management centres effectively and quickly respond to customers’ needs – and deliver a better service.


As ONE listens to interactions on all touchpoints, it provides a journey-based view of how customers interact with your brand. This journey visualisation is made available to enable any customer-facing member of staff have real-time insights into their behaviour, giving better context at any point of customer interaction thus enabling a better level of service.


Imagine the impact you would have if every time you spoke to a customer you added extra value, simply by understanding their needs at any given moment, just consider what kind of return you’d get from that conversation.

This is where ONE can help. By combining CRM system data with other omni-channel interaction data to identify customers and recommend actions to better meet their needs. Based on this combined insight, ONE serves service teams with scripts or prompts to drive more relevant conversations with a customer.

ONE can also create customer records – service cases, updates to customer contact information – for your CRM database. ONE can also give you the insight into customer location, information on the device they’re using and other meta-data that can be used to have the best possible conversation.


Assisted channel listening for service and support agents in a contact centre, is made possible by standard integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

ONE adds customer engagement skills to CRM systems by feeding it customer journey insight. ONE uses it’s listening and context capability to create CRM transactions, such as service cases, that enhance the customer profile in a CRM system. ONE benefits because it builds data from CRM systems into the context upon which optimisation or personalisation of customer conversations will happen.

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