The ongoing rise in the use of aggregators and third-party sellers means that customers are often several steps removed from the travel brands they eventually book their adventures with. Even when holidaymakers go direct, operators don’t know who they are or what they want because there is no link between their interactions across channels including call centres, websites, and high-street travel agents. As a result, conversations between the travel operator and the customer can be disjointed and poorly targeted.


By simply connecting the elements of individual journey’s and by actively listening to customers, travel brands can have unified, relevant and engaging conversations that boost satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Here’s where ONE can help. By combining customer insight, context, and real-time journey behaviour in one centralised system, it enables you to listen to customers as they interact across your website, mobile devices, and contact centres. What’s more, our solution sits across the systems of record you already rely on and, despite them not being designed with the omni-channel customer journey in mind, our engagement layer will unify all your systems helping your travel agents, in-resort representatives and marketing teams gain a holistic view of each and every customer to deliver consistent, valuable conversations every time.



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