It’s no secret that retail banks know a great deal about their customers. But with all this knowledge at their fingertips, why do retail banks get it so wrong when it comes to communicating with their customers? Why do outbound campaigns regularly result in a series of emails, and other communications, about products and services that the recipient simply doesn’t need or want?


When you consider that internal departments still operate in complete silos, it’s little wonder that banks still don’t know exactly who their customers are or what they want, simply because there is no link between a customer’s interactions across channels. As a result, conversations between call centre agents or in-branch staff can be completely disjointed and poorly targeted.

ONE sits across the systems and technology that retail banks already rely on, and despite them not being designed with the omni-channel customer journey in mind, our engagement layer will unify all existing systems, helping the sales, service and marketing teams gain a holistic view of each and every customer to deliver consistent, valuable conversations every time.


If you truly value your customers, give them the banking experience they deserve.

ONE for Retail Banking

Retail Banking Use Case for Thunderhead's ONE Engagement Hub platform

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