ONE is the only truly effortless customer engagement platform.

No one else has purpose-built their solution from the ground up with a platform based on the customer engagement cycle like we have. No one else has an Adaptive Engagement Profile that puts the customer at the heart of the system. No one else enables brands to record, understand, assess, personalise and optimise engagement around unique, constantly evolving customer profiles.

Starting to get the idea? Don’t just take our word for it. Thunderhead have been named a Leader in the Customer Journey Analytics Market in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Journey Analytics Visioning [and Orchestration] Platforms.


Easy to use

Setting up and using ONE is so quick and easy, you don't need to rely on IT to do everything, and there’s no need for anyone to go near any code. Business users have available the ONE UI extension in browsers, or ONE SDK for iOS and Android to set up and use ONE.

Listens to customers

Through its ability to link a customer to a single profile from any number of actions or channels, ONE uniquely enables you to monitor how and why a customer interacts with your brand. Thunderhead ID ONE even tracks anonymous customers, linking their behaviour to their own unique profile once they are identified.

Non-invasive system

ONE is a light-touch layer that integrates with, pulls data from, and pushes data to a host of external systems: native CRM apps, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. Data Adaptors mean ONE can interact with data from the AEP and CRM, external sources and systems of record.

Real time insight

ONE sits on top of your existing external systems (content management, brand asset management, CRM, systems of record, and marketing automation systems) and uses data adaptors to push and pull data to and from these into ONE’s Adaptive Engagement Profile. And this all happens in real-time – the moment the customer is interacting with your brand, at the very second it’s most relevant.

Channel agnostic and aware

ONE sits across, and is aware of the context of, all channels where you may be having conversations with customers: Web, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps, Call-Centres, Outbound Mail, In-store, Physical, Email, Social. Wherever your customers interact with your brand, ONE is there to ensure a consistent, seamless, and on-going conversation. This gives staff a single view of the customer’s behaviour across, between and within the complete omni-channel view.

Faster results

As a cloud-based service, ONE has a unique light-touch deployment. There’s no huge project to rip and replace existing tech, and you don’t need to change or upgrade. You can use ONE to simply augment existing systems. Nothing else is as light and agile as ONE, or can deliver speed to value in its timeframes. Just read our case studies to see how fast we delivered value for our customers.

journey insights

ONE shows you real customer journeys to provide the missing piece in the Customer Journey Mapping puzzle. It presents you with cross-channel journey flows, reflecting actual (not perceived) customer behaviour. ONE tracks customers across every interaction, and notes periods of inactivity; allowing the brand to re-engage and move the customer to the next stage. The cross-channel journey flows even show transitions to alternative channels, highlighting where content isn’t working for that individual.

Naturally conversational

ONE threads together all of your customers’ conversations with your brand across their entire journey. If a customer starts interacting in one channel on a particular device, that conversation may continue later on across a plethora of other touchpoints and devices. Like any good conversationalist, ONE remembers their identity, location, preferences and context – and the interaction feels natural and human.

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Aston Martin

“Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub allows us to develop a greater understanding of our customers and prospects, in line with their expectations of our brand. Our 2nd Century plan will see our business grow, supported by the greater insight and intelligence that ONE will deliver.”

Simon Sproule Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

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