ONE Engagement Hub and Customer Journey Orchestration

We are a Leader in Real-Time Journey Orchestration. But what is journey orchestration, how does it work with RTIM – and why does it matter?

Journey Orchestration platforms provide end-to-end experiences

The term ‘Customer Journey’ is used far and wide by many technology providers – whether they are customer data platforms, campaign management tech or e-commerce personalization tools. But current approaches are often failing to address individual customer needs.  Customer Journey Orchestration places the emphasis on the end-to-end flow of customer experiences, ensuring that a brand is delivering value with every interaction and creating individualized experiences.

This represents a major step change for customer-centric brands’ approach to ‘customer journey management’ through traditional ‘marketing automation’: we’re shifting from treating customers as ‘targets’, to realizing people as individuals, with unique and evolving needs.

ONE Engagement Hub: your Customer Journey Orchestration solution

Our customer journey orchestration platform, ONE Engagement Hub, is a unifying layer of technology that combines automation, customer journey analytics, real-time decisioning, machine learning and AI. ONE listens to, visualizes, analyzes and then orchestrates customer conversations and journeys, whatever the channel or touchpoint – and across organizational silos.

Thunderhead’s journey orchestration engine is purpose-built for scale, and adept at managing billions of customer conversations and journeys. Scoring the highest possible marks for Technology and in every criterion in the Market Presence category, we’ve been named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ for Journey Orchestration (and have been for the last three years).

You Can’t Become Customer-Obsessed Without Becoming Journey-Centric

Joana de Quintanilha, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester

Journey Orchestration and RTIM: a potent partnership

Customer journey orchestration and Journey Analytics deliver an individualized, end-to-end experience to every customer, regardless of how or where they are interacting with your brand. This works by allowing the individual to follow their unique path, based on what they are seeking to achieve (as opposed to solely what a business is typically trying to sell).

Taking the longer, customer-centric journey insight provided by journey analytics, Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM) allows us to take immediate action. RTIM mobilizes everything we know, across all channels, and makes a decision at the most opportune moment in a customer’s lifecycle – when it really matters. This puts the action into journey orchestration, in an instant. And as a partnership, Journey Orchestration and RTIM enables real-time customer journey orchestration. This allows Marketing, Customer Service, CX and IT coalesce around customers to provide far more meaningful customer experiences.

We’ve built the ONE Engagement Hub with this in mind: unlike many Journey Orchestration platforms, Thunderhead has developed this joined-up technology from the very beginning.

Thunderhead’s a Leader in Journey Orchestration and a Strong Performer in RTIM Software

Our customer journey orchestration platform provides Customer Journey Orchestration (and Customer Journey Analytics) capabilities with world-class Real-Time Interaction Management functionality.

1) The ability to listen to and understand customer behavior, across all touchpoints (on- and offline)

2) The management of individualized, real-time conversations, based on customer context and intent – across every point of interaction

3) The analysis of dynamic, end-to-end customer journeys at scale

4) Incredible deployment speed, complementing existing systems and avoiding unnecessary ‘rip and replacement’

This is why Thunderhead is a leader in the Forrester Wave™ for Journey Orchestration and a strong performer in the Forrester Wave™ for Real Time Interaction Management. No other Customer Journey Orchestration Software, Customer journey orchestration tool, or Journey Orchestration Engine comes close.

Real-time Journey Orchestration drives business

Customer Journey Orchestration is a fast-expanding category due the breadth of value it provides, both for individual customers and of course, the businesses adopting its technology.

Brands that utilize a Journey Orchestration solution see significant value across every stage of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to win-back. The increased relevancy and better timing of messages (or indeed, the withholding of conversations deemed inappropriate) supports cross- and up-sell, with a marked impact on reducing customer churn.

Equally, associated benefits are meaningful from a wider organizational perspective. For example, the identification of ‘friction points’ across a customer’s journey lifetime, coupled with an understanding of their evolving intent, means that cost-to-serve is reduced as better conversations and channels are utilized. Across the business, savings can be sizable.

Our own clients aside, a recent Boston Consulting Group study demonstrates the transformational benefits a Journey-led approach can have. The report cites uplifts of between 10-20% in revenue, 20-40% improvement in customer advocacy and between 15 and 25% reductions in cost-to-serve. The impact of a Journey Orchestration platform can be enterprise-wide as wholesale, customer-led change drives positive business results.

What is Customer Journey Orchestration?

Journey Orchestration is a new and powerful means of delivering long-term customer engagement by considering the needs of customers ahead of the needs of a brand. Pulling in rich contextual information to understanding and satisfy customer intent, Journey Orchestration software allows customer relationships to be managed with a long-term lens, providing better brand experiences.

In other words, it’s finally possible for brands to achieve world-class customer engagement with each and every individual. You’ll find more in this article: What is customer journey orchestration?

Getting started with Customer Journey Orchestration

The first step to initiating customer-centric Journey Orchestration is to connect, listen to and understand customer journeys over time (not merely by campaign). This is very different to the practice of journey mapping, which typically starts from the perspective of the business.

By deploying a lightweight listening framework across your touchpoints, it’s possible to visualize all customer journeys, across all channels, in real-time. Fortunately, all this can also be done in short time. The ability to take appropriate action when it matters most will swiftly follow.

When it comes to Journey Orchestration solutions, we’re the best in the business. Our teams work across 25 different countries and will ensure your programme supports your organizational goals, stays on track and provides long-term, meaningful customer engagement. If you’d like to get in touch, use the form below.

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