Thunderbay: taking customer journey intelligence to a whole new level

ThunderBay adds even more real-time customer intelligence to the ONE platform.

A completely new world of customer journey analytics

ThunderBay lets every business harness the power of AI to analyze customer journeys at scale. It automates the analysis of billions of individual customer journey touchpoints to provide a unique and powerful source of actionable journey insight. From this, its customer intelligence predicts and anticipates customer behavior, creating live journey-based audiences for enhanced orchestration.

This is the next generation of capabilities for customer journey analytics and orchestration.

Ask ThunderBay

With our intuitive Engagement Query Language, you can ask ThunderBay any journey question you can conceive. This covers every journey, channel and touchpoint: ThunderBay will uncover the answer.

Discover New Insight

Visualize your online and offline customer journeys in real-time: ThunderBay’s AI will identify valuable behavioral patterns to highlight positive moments, discover paths leading to incomplete journeys, and predict outcomes that optimize every customer journey.

Turn insight into action

Discover and automatically activate new journey-based audiences: using prediction and propensity capabilities, ThunderBay constantly analyzes customers’ journeys in real-time, dynamically maintaining groups based on their intent, then identifying specific orchestrations to help them achieve their goals.

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