ONE Engagement Hub Integration

ONE is purpose built to integrate at scale with your existing technology.

Bridge and extend

ONE is built on best of breed technology, supported by an API Framework, Data Adaptors and SDKs. This means that regardless of your tech stack, it can work comfortably with all your internal and external data sources and systems. ONE connects (often disparate) organizational silos, such as marketing, sales, service, ecommerce, and data platforms, fuelling collaboration, insight and co-ordination like never before.

The ONE API Framework

The ONE API is built on RESTful web services and accepts JSON requests and responses. This enables you to track customer activity and events that occur beyond the ONE framework. Brands can also use the API to send real-time customer event information into ONE.

ONE Data Adapters

ONE provides out-of-the-box adapters that pull and push data from and to popular solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Azure, SugarCRM and SAP (C4C) – as well as standards-based, generic web service adapters. Creating adaptors is easy in ONE; on-demand, these pull customer attributes from external data sources and systems such as CRM solutions.

Key Benefits of Integrating with ONE

Omnichannel Listening

ONE provides a touchpoint solution for each and every customer channel, whether online or offline: Out of the box, it provides integrations with assisted channels, CRM, web, email, mobile and more.

Outbound Personalizations

ONE can send personalization data to multiple external systems. This could be creating a lead in a Lead Management system, or triggering a real-time, optimized email send through your existing ESP.

External Personalization Request

External systems can use ONE to do a ‘last mile check’ based on a single source of truth. This confirms whether personalization is still valid, relevant and appropriate – with massive benefits to campaign efficiency.

Inbound Personalizations

To amplify the success of your existing campaign activities, ONE can consume external personalization data from systems such as campaign engines. This enables you to understand and act on customer intent or behavior in real-time.


Each action in ONE has channel-specific, associated content. This can reference an external CMS solution or represent an API to pull content from another, non-CMS system.

Outbound Audiences

Audience members and additional customer attributes can be exported and consumed by other customer solutions such as campaign or customer communications management.

Data Export

ONE allows a user to export contextually rich engagement data to be used in Business Intelligence solutions such as PowerBI.

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