ONE Engagement Hub and Real-time Interaction Management (RTIM)

We are a Strong Performer in Real-time Interaction Management. But how does RTIM work with Journey Orchestration - and why does it matter?

Real-time Interaction Management

Real-time Interaction Management provides a business with the ability to respond to individuals in an instant, as they traverse their digital and physical world.

Forrester defines Real-time Interaction Management (or simply, RTIM) as “an enterprise marketing technology that delivers contextually relevant experiences, value, and utility at the appropriate moment in the customer life cycle via preferred customer touchpoints”. [Now Tech: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q2 2020]

For more information on RTIM, we’ve written a dedicated article answering the question “What is Real-time Interaction Management?

ONE Engagement Hub and RTIM

Our ONE Engagement Hub is well-placed to deliver best-in-class RTIM. ONE connects, provides associated insight and makes recommendations for the progression of individual customer journeys, over touchpoints, time – and at great scale.

Armed with historic and current contextual information, Thunderhead’s ability to deliver the best proceeding conversation in the moment, when it really matters, is recognized as one of the best RTIM offerings in the industry: Forrester Real-Time Interaction Management Wave™ Report Q2 2022 has named Thunderhead s Strong Performer.

Real-time Interaction Management & Journey Orchestration: Better Together

RTIM, sometimes described as ‘customer interaction management in real time’, is fundamental to Journey Orchestration. The two are seen by many as opposite sides of the same coin: one without the other makes little sense. But how do the two relate – and why do we need both?

In simple terms, Customer Journey Orchestration provides the journey insight for individual customers, across all channels, touchpoints and time. This is called ‘journey context’.

From this, based on individual customer needs and over their lifetime, Real-time Interaction Management determines, in-the-moment, what should happen to deliver the best possible customer experience. In other words, RTIM decides and delivers, all in an instant.

Supported by Journey Orchestration’s analytics, RTIM effectively marries the long-term and the present. Together, the two mobilize customer data across an enterprise and beyond, enabling brands to deliver contextually relevant experiences (the ‘next-best conversation’) at the appropriate moment in the customer’s life cycle. The also allows Marketing, CX and IT coalesce around customer experience.

We’ve built our technology with this in mind: unlike many Real-time Interaction Management vendors or Real-time Interaction Management software, the Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub combines Journey Orchestration and RTIM – and has done from the very beginning.

Thunderhead’s the only Strong Performer in RTIM and Leader in Journey Orchestration

Powered by AI and Machine Learning, our ONE Engagement Hub brings Journey Orchestration and Real-time Interaction Management together to create a world-class customer engagement provision.

We have been recognized as the best-in-class at what we do and are proud to say that Thunderhead is a Strong Performer in the industry Analysts Forrester’s WaveTM for Real-time Interaction Management Q2 2022 and a Leader in their WaveTM for Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2022. This is unique; no other provider of RTIM solutions can match this status.

In the 2022 Wave, Forrester research scores Thunderhead the highest possible scores amongst the Strong Performers for Customer Journey Analytics, Strategy Optimization, Business Rules Management, and Product Vision criterion.

Real-time Interaction Management drives business

Knowing what to say in an instant: adding value at every step – while avoiding being needy, persistent or irrelevant – is hard.

In days gone, the received wisdom was that a ‘shotgun’ messaging blast would result in success through any relevant hand-raisers self-identifying. Clearly, this carries inherent risk. A customer may be on a service journey, received an unusually high bill, or searched a completely different product; in these cases, the timing for a particular message could be completely inappropriate.

Similarly, an individual who has recently renewed or upgraded won’t be best suited for conversations around cross- or up-sell.

Armed with journey insight, Real-time Interaction Management makes decisions that will be critical far beyond the notion of ‘personalized’, to the creation of individualized, cross-channel experiences for increased customer engagement. This increases the impact of marketing activities, allowing you to strike when the time is right for an individual. At scale, this optimizes media by focusing on best prospects at any particular moment. With customer-driven relevance, RTIM will then have a direct impact on engagement, and in turn, meaningful business metrics including growth, retention and the ‘cost-to-serve’.

Getting started with RTIM

Our Professional Services Teams partner with you to identify the key business goals, from which we will agree objectives and timescales from the outset.

The agility of Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub means you can get your RTIM project up and running within weeks, with incredibly short time to value. And plugging in is easy: we are set up to integrate with all your existing systems, there’s no need to rip or replace what’s already working. If you’d like to get in touch, use the form below.

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