6 Banking Customer Engagement ‘Must Dos’

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We’ve talked to plenty of banks recently and one of the common questions we get asked is where they should start when building out a customer engagement strategy and delivering true banking customer engagement.

So, we thought we’d share with everyone the 6 things that you really need to know about delivering true customer engagement in banking, or any other industry for that matter

Here they are. Tattoo them on your arm, engrave them in stone, or maybe just write them down somewhere.

  1. You want to be a customer-centric brand, now’s the time to really commit to it and evaluate the gaps you might have to achieving that most amiable of aspirations. Make a list.
  2. Engagement is broad and spans many departments, it can’t be done in isolation, so figure out who needs to be involved and don’t forget to include them all when the time is right.
  3. Understand the journeys your customers take, this isn’t about ‘journey mapping’, which is mostly your view of the customer. It’s about listening to actual customer journeys and seeing them in real-time. This will allow you to establish a clear vision of what ‘good’ looks like, where the problems are and where to start.
  4. Establish success criteria for each stage of your transition to a customer-centric bank. Agree it and evaluate it as you make progress.
  5. True customer engagement is a blend of the right technology to unify the business and its existing systems and processes – plus a ‘customer-first’ company culture and process.
  6. Start small. Focus on the easy wins, tackle the manageable areas of your business first, showcase the results and grow from there.

We understand if you’ve had banking customer engagement on your ‘too difficult pile’. But waiting for everyone and everything to be aligned before tackling the issue isn’t going to speed up progress. Circumstances will never be 100% right – you just have to jump in.

The longer you leave it, the harder it will get. Your competitors are barking at the door with new fintech companies and global giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google going after the traditional banking customer. Low levels of customer satisfaction, irrelevant offers, disjointed communications and poor customer service all contribute to making the competition all the more attractive. Banks must differentiate. Banks must build trust back into customer relationships.

Customer Engagement is the answer and it’s not ‘too difficult’. The technology now exists to join everything together, and we’ll help you every step of the way. With your commitment to becoming a customer-centric brand combined with the help of some clever tech it’s going to be a breeze to really understand your customers, making every interaction more relevant for them, and more valuable to you.

Put these Big 6 Must Do’s for banking customer engagement at the top of your To Do List, starting today.

Featured image Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash