5 Tips: How to Build A Campaign ‘Supernova’

In the Campaign Supernova, the brightness of these Next Generation giants will eclipse old campaigns of the past.

Your campaigns can be the culmination of everything brilliant about your brand. They can harness insight from across the business and get your technology working to create spectacular results.

Understanding the customer journey is critical to running smarter and more successful campaigns. The type of campaigns that transform your relationships with customers. The type of campaigns that think beyond the initial interaction and entice customers into conversations that provide value to you both.

The new era of campaigns are real-time, based on customer context and are omni-channel. They’re built on insight, trust and for the long-term. But, ultimately they’re about getting closer to your customer and connecting with them in new, always relevant ways to achieve sustainable and better results.

Getting your campaigns right is the first step to true customer engagement. So how can you supercharge them?

Here are five tips for how you can supercharge your marketing campaigns to be Supernovas.

1. Discover with questions

Look at your organisation. Think about what systems you have, how they work together and how you’re structured? Who needs to be involved in creating an omnichannel campaign? Then think like a customer. How do they interact with you? Is every campaign focused on building long-term relationships? Are you using the right metrics?

2. Stop and Listen Carefully

You can’t learn if you don’t listen. You’ll need to start listening to omni-channel customer behaviour and campaign events across all existing, and new touchpoints. Understand your campaigns as they are today and where they could be better.

3. Take a look at the real journey

See real-time journeys across the customer lifecycle stages, identify issues and understand campaign performance by channel and device, to measure KPIs, manage budget spend and get the most out of the time and money you put in. You might spot opportunities you didn’t know were there.

4. Identify & Connect

Once you know your audience, get personal. Make things truly individual and one-to-one: bring your customers’ online and offline campaign interactions together to create a comprehensive customer profile, including linking known and anonymous behaviours. Go beyond email and build optimised audiences based on real-time insights, dynamic activity and intent.

5. Journey Based Personalisation

With adaptive engagement and real-time decision-making, you’re able to hyper-personalise campaigns with the next-best conversation based on the customer’s in-the-moment interactions and journey stage context. You’ll deliver better campaign experiences across all channels.

The proof is in the personalisation:

  • 77% of banking and insurance consumers say that personalised promotions encourage them to buy products and services they have never purchased before.
  • Personalisation in retailing can boost sales by 20%.

Give it a go. Turning your campaign into a Supernova is the first step towards true customer engagement.