Campaign Supernova: Next Generation Campaigns Are Here

Campaigns have long been the rock stars of a business – connecting with new and existing customers but now there’s a new kid on the block. Faster than a cannon ball, the next generation of campaigns are here. They’re so bright and so powerful, they eclipse their predecessors.

It’s no secret, it’s more challenging today to create a cracking campaign that wins and retains customers. There’s more noise, spam and marketing pollution on every online and physical customer-facing channel. Customers crave:

  1. To be treated as the individual they are.
  2. Choices in their journey based on their individual context and preferences.
  3. To be understood and for you to respond quickly and appropriately.

They’re not a ‘target’. They know that they don’t have to put up with spam and poorly thought-out offers. Customers are interested in useful, relevant and timely information which makes sense for them, and they’ll happily part with their personal information to help you make this dream a reality.
As Marketers we all see the fallout from traditional campaigns. So what’s actually up?

  • Batch-driven campaigns are created using hard to compile, static data sources.
  • They are treated as isolated instances in the customer relationship, lacking context with no true understanding of the customer journey.
  • They are scheduled and lack real-time insight, so they can’t take into account the latest developments in the customer relationship.
  • They’re inside-out, one-size fits all, channel-centric, short-term and generic. And they are very far from being personal.

There’s a split in Campaign Land, wider than the rift between two Gallagher brothers. Don’t get caught below the landslide of debris from the campaigns of the past. Look up, look to the future, the next generation campaign supernova is bursting with value. This isn’t sometime in a galaxy far, far away, this is right here and now.

The supercharged next generation campaigns shine out with bright new features bursting with value. They’re real-time, based on customer context and are omni-channel. They’re campaigns which can understand the entire customer journey, they can adapt to real-time changes in customer behaviour and context, and there’s consistency of message across every touchpoint – anywhere your customer might fancy going with your brand.

They are built on trust and built for the long-term. Ultimately, they’re about getting closer to your customer and connecting with them in new, always relevant ways.