Understanding Customer Managed Journeys

1 Minute Read

At Thunderhead we’ve been a wee bit obsessed with customer journeys for years. So we’re happy that there’s finally a lot of chat happening in the Marketing industry about customer journeys. Marketers are waking up to the important role they play and are seeing the light.

However, how you tackle customer journeys will influence the results you get. You need to make sure your focus stays on your customer. Keep your eyes on your customer, not on the road. It’s the customer’s journey, not yours.

“A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge…never for attack.”

Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back


Your customers are powerful, responsive and in control of their own journey. They like being in the driver’s seat. They’re not going to want to hand the keys back to you any time soon. That isn’t a problem. In fact we’d like you to celebrate that fact, not fight it. Your customers can manage their own journeys on their own terms, you don’t have to manage them, nor should you. With the right kind of customer insight you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Want to understand how? The magic ingredient is actionable customer journey insight. That’s the clever bit which can help your brand add value for customers across their entire journey, at every single point of interaction in real-time. When customers see that value they’ll feel happier and will start to trust you. And then stuff gets really interesting. Importantly, your customers will discover extra value in the moment they interact with you, which will accelerate their trust in you. You’ll find out more about them from real-time actionable journey insight – which can be used to deliver more real-time value in the moment. And so on. It’s a very happy dance.

However beware, if you push customers down a prescribed path to spend more then they’ll feel they are being attacked. They will run for the hills without so much as a backwards glance. You’ve been warned. Don’t go over to the Dark Side.