Five Trends in Customer Journey Analytics – Part 2 of 5

Whilst British Astronaut Tim Peake is pioneering journeys on the International Space Station and Virgin Galactic unveil their new spaceship Unity, we are celebrating Britain’s rich heritage in exploration and discussing five trends to help you explore a different type of journey, but one that’s no less complex or exciting: your customer’s journey.

Part 2 – Integration between Business Process Management and Journey Management


Sir Francis Drake, who led the first voyage of discovery to America and the West Indies, was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world on the Tudor Galleon ‘Golden Hind’ in 1580. He returned with a vast cargo of treasure worth hundreds of millions of pounds in today’s money. Queen Elizabeth I’s share alonhe was more than the country’s national debt. Being a jolly good chum to Queen Elizabeth I in 1581 he brought her a gift from the New World: a potato. This humble vegetable changed the Western World’s diet forever. When he beat the Spanish Armada in 1588 he changed European history forever. If Drake had not been given the freedom to roam and lead his fleet he would not have made all his remarkable discoveries and the world today would be a very different place. And shiver me timbers Drake would have been just another pirate.

So here be some wise advice, me hearties:


  1. Static lily-livered business processes can walk the plank.

You will not want to be held back by processes which take the wind out of your sails and leave you becalmed at sea, alone with a mutinous crew. You’ll need the kind of freedom Drake enjoyed to make rich discoveries about your customers. You’ll need to follow in your customers’ footsteps, wherever those footsteps might take you. Business processes will need to become dynamic enough to support change in customer expectations and behaviour. Business process management will need to become agile and aligned with the customer’s journey. How you manage your brand assets, business rules, employee collaboration, data, processes and change will all be impacted by your business reorganising itself around the customer journey.


  1. Get up in your Crow’s Nest to get a bird’s eye view.

Arrr, matey, ye’ve come to the right place. The view’s much better up there. Down on deck you can only see what’s right in front of you. A business process on its own only ever sees the customer interactions which are relevant to itself. To win your battles and not get marooned it’s vital that you understand how your customers that are part of a process interact with your brand overall, you might be surprised to discover what holistic journey insights can teach you about individual processes.  And you’ll be able to spot the scurvy dogs to leave in the next port.


  1. A successful Pirate Captain has an efficient crew.

The Quartermaster, First Mate, Cabin Boy, Carpenter and Powder Monkey all have their jobs to do and ways of working with each other just like your business has teams and processes. A successful voyage means all of those individuals working well together. Likewise a single customer journey will cover multiple business processes. For your brand to be successful you need to understand how all of these processes work together to deliver customer value. Without a complete journey view each process is simply evaluated on an individual basis in isolation.

With the integration of business processes with customer journey management you’ll discover customer engagement is effortless. Effortless engagement means happier customers. And that’s where X marks the spot for plenty of Doubloons and booty for your brand. Aarrr.