A Happy Customer Journey To Brand Advocacy

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Last month I wrote about an example of a customer journey gone wrong, my real-life story of my journey with Osmo and how they fell short of making me feel happy. This week I’m giving you the happy-ever-after alternative story, my journey with Osmo in a parallel universe. This is what could have happened if Osmo had enabled a customer-managed journey for me with them, and how I could have been a happy customer.

Many brands, according to revenue KPIs, may consider themselves a success. But they are losing value from their relationships with their customers by not listening, engaging and learning from every single customer interaction. Only if you’re relevant and deliver value every single time a customer comes into contact with your brand can you build a long-lasting, valuable, honest relationship and really reap the rewards of greater life-time value from each customer.

Traditional methods of customer journey mapping focus on a single journey such as the purchase journey. To me it felt like Osmo made their ‘Buy’ journey very efficient, and they prioritised this as it would be the most trodden path which generates the most revenue. However they don’t seem to be aware of the complete picture of my complete journey so they won’t be aware of the issues I had – and the cost of that to them.

If Osmo had taken the customer managed journey approach and were looking at my customer journey from a holistic point of view they would have seen the issues I’d had and been able to fix them in real-time. And that would have led to something like this happening instead where my journey would be sprinkled with magic sparkles of engagement. In case you’ve not read my previous blog I’ve matched my dream alternative journey here with the real one so you can see the difference.

I love technology and innovation. I’d heard about Osmo as an award-winning, innovative educational game system that children use with the iPad. It’s Christmas and I was thinking about my 4 year old Grand Daughter’s Christmas present.

My alternative Dream Journey with Osmo

1. I was on Facebook and was presented with an ad from Osmo offering an educational game system, so I clicked on the ad and was taken to their Facebook page.

My Real Journey with Osmo


2. I explored their Facebook page to see if I could find any reviews or comments from Osmo users. I found some from people like myself and parents so I liked their page.


3. I followed the link to their website, which is very welcoming, it feels very friendly and very simple and easy to follow. I could see the different games and packages I could buy and it all seemed very straightforward – the Buy button was very easy to find. So all good so far.


4. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognised me!

The website recognised the fact that I’d come from Facebook and was a Friend of Osmo on Facebook. The website presented me with more detailed information which I’d looked at on their Facebook page, giving me many more user reviews and testimonials and examples of creative projects children had created using Osmo. It also gave me the opportunity to share content on their website on Facebook as it knew I was a Facebook user.

Osmo did not recognise me.

I looked for reviews and stories of Osmo customers from grown-ups and kids using Osmo at home, but was surprised to not find any. There was a lot of those stories about schools but not individual families at home. Don’t they talk to their customers? Aren’t they interested in their customers’ stories? You’d think there’d be all kinds of cool examples of what kids had created and learned. Hmmmm.

5. Buying this present isn’t just my decision so I shared the product page using the Facebook share button to ask Grandma what she thought, and waited for her to come back and confirm.


6. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognised me again! And gave me the best, most relevant content for me at that time.

I went to another website and saw an ad from Osmo which recognised I’d liked them on Facebook and also recognised my previous visit to their website. It now offered me some more information to help me consider the key features and benefits of the Genius Kit product which I’d been looking at. That’s really helpful, so I clicked and found a page of info detailing what it was about Osmo’s product that made it special compared to other learning systems on the market.

Osmo did not recognise me (again).

A day or so later I was still waiting for the confirmation from Grandma. I was at work and went to another website – and saw 2 more ads for Osmo, I also saw an Osmo mobile ad on my mobile phone. This was slightly annoying because I’d already visited their product page on their website so clearly I was interested, I didn’t need to see any more ads trying to make me aware of Osmo. It would have been nicer if they had used the previous interactions I’d had with them to give me more relevant information at this point.

7. *SPARKLE* – Osmo engaged me with relevant content.

After I’d read the product information the Osmo website suggested I find out a bit more about how it works, they suggested I watch a demo video – which I did, and it gave me the chance to share that video on Facebook.

Osmo did not bother to recognise me or engage with me, I didn’t engage with them either.

8. *SPARKLE*  – I engaged with the Osmo brand and shared content about them.

I shared the demo video to Grandma on Facebook so she could see that too.

Osmo did not bother to recognise me or engage with me, I didn’t engage with them either.

9. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognised me and witheld irrelevant content.

When I next used my mobile phone I didn’t see any more Osmo ads.

Osmo did not bother to recognise me or engage with me, I didn’t engage with them either.

10. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognised me and gave me the best content for me at that time.

I telephoned Osmo to try and find out a bit more about the difference between their basic kit and Genius kit. I spoke to a lovely Call Center Agent who mentioned the fact I’d looked at the Genius Kit product on their website and the fact I’d watched the video demo. As a result they were able to go into a bit more detail about the extra special additional Numbers game that comes with this version of the product.

Osmo did not bother to recognise me or engage with me, I didn’t engage with them either.

11. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognised me and gave me the best, personalised content for me at that time.

After the call I received a personalised email from the agent with a short video all about the Numbers game, which I was able to send on to Grandma who replied and gave me the green light to buy the present.

Osmo did not engage with me, I went to them.

The next day I got the greenlight from Grandma so I went back to the Osmo website feeling excited because I knew my Grand Daughter was going to like this present and I was going to love playing the games with her.

12. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognised me.

I went back to the Osmo website – it welcomed me back and recognised I’d visited them twice before and had seen the demo video and Numbers video and the fact I’d spoken to their call centre agent.

Osmo did not recognise me (again).

I was slightly miffed when I got to their website as it didn’t recognise me at all, as if I’d never been there before. It’s a minor peeve, not enough to stop me in my tracks.

13. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognised me and gave me the best content for me at that time.

Their website now offered me a video of kids around my grand-daughter’s age talking about why they like Osmo, but especially why they like the Numbers game which doesn’t come with the Basic Starter Kit but does come with the Genius Kit.

Osmo didn’t engage me. I didn’t engage them.

14. *SPARKLE* Sold – Osmo asked for some more information about me.

I decided to go for the Genius Kit instead of the Basic Starter Kit and bought Osmo direct from them from their website there and then. They asked me for some personal information when I completed my order, noting this was a gift for my grand-daughter and my relationship to her. They had engaged me so well so far in my journey that I felt happy to let them have these pieces of private information about me.

Osmo did not try to find out anything more about me.

I bought their Genius Kit from their website. The purchase journey was very slick and within minutes the task was complete. All good. I was surprised at the point of purchase that they didn’t try to find out anything more about me, such as whether this was a gift.

15. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognised me and offered the best value content for me in that place at that time.

After I’d bought it I saw messages from Osmo appear in the ad slots on other websites asking me if I needed any help after buying the product.

Osmo did not recognise me and continued to push irrelevant ads at me.

That same day I continued to see (the same) Osmo ads on all my devices wherever I went online, including on Facebook. This really annoyed me. Do not push irrelevant ads at me, especially when I’m already a customer. I don’t need to be sold to. I’d like to be recognised, thanked, and helped. Instead I was clearly just ‘Anon’. They’d got their cash and didn’t care. I had hoped for some helpful information like how to get started using the product.

16. *SPARKLE*  – Osmo recognised me and gave me personalised, best content for me at that time.

I received the Shipping Notification from Osmo, this communication included a personalised greeting message “Thanks Ray” and what to do if I had any questions about the Shipping. It also gave me a parcel tracking number and details of what to do in case I had any concerns about the delivery.

Osmo did not recognise me and did not help me.

I received a Shipping Notification email from Osmo. It didn’t even address me by name, I was just ‘Greetings’. There was nothing in the communication to explain how I could track the order, which was worrying because I remembered all those comments on Facebook about missing orders.

17. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognised me and gave me the most helpful content for me at that time.

When I went back to their website to check a detail on the Shipping the website recognised me, “Hello Ray” and offered helpful content on how to get the app installed and started.

Osmo did not recognise me and ignored me when I needed help.

Feeling a bit miffed I went back to their website to see how I could track the shipment but the website still didn’t recognise me. It felt like they’d taken my money but now they were ignoring me. And I couldn’t find any way to contact Osmo to find out how to track my order delivery apart from on email. I just wanted to speak to someone.

18. Relaxed.

I knew when to expect the package so happily got on with other preparations for Christmas.


The day the order was due to arrive had come, but nothing arrived, or the next day, or the day after that. I went to the Osmo Facebook Page and added a comment asking where my delivery was. No one replied. Feeling a bit worried I waited for my order to be delivered. In the meantime I continued to see Osmo ads on all my devices wherever I went online. It felt like Osmo didn’t even know I was a customer – and a worried one at that.

19. Expectations met.

I received the package exactly when I expected it.

I’m relieved but Osmo have still not engaged with me.

Phew – I finally received my delivery and all’s well. However I am left feeling short-changed and frustrated because despite being a customer who has just bought from them there’s been no recognition or acknowledgement, no indication they really know who I am.

20. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognise me and offer personalised, best content to engage me at that time.

When I’d received the product, nicely in time for Christmas, I received a thank you message from Osmo which asked me to review them on Facebook.

Osmo didn’t engage me. I didn’t engage them.

21. **SPARKLE** – I recommended Osmo.

I clicked and rated them 5 stars, liked them on Facebook and told all my Friends what a great gift this is. Osmo thanked me for my feedback.

Osmo still didn’t engage me.

22. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognise me and send the best, personalised content they could at that time.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I received a Christmas ‘Happy Holiday’ e-card from Osmo. It said if I recommended a friend to buy Osmo then I’d get a discount voucher off my next game purchase from them. It also wished my Grand Daughter a happy holiday.

Osmo still didn’t engage me.

23. *SPARKLE* – Osmo recognise me and send the best, personalised content they could at that time – and ask for more feedback.

A month after Christmas Osmo asked me to tell them my story of using Osmo along with any examples of work done and games played. They added my grand-daughter to their Creative Wall gallery of Osmo users.

Osmo still didn’t engage me.

24. *SPARKLE* I become a full brand advocate.

I love Osmo and will buy from them time and time again in the future.


In this parallel universe Osmo created an accelerated value exchange with me. They enabled me to manage my own journey on my own terms. And at every point along that journey they recognised who I was and showed me the value in what they knew about me, to my benefit.

In this lovely world the Marketers at Osmo have not worked in a silo from my journey. They are not pushing irrelevant ads at me at the wrong time in my journey. They are using real-time journey insight about me to understand the next best experience that would give me more value. They kept on building a closer relationship with me by adding value at each step of my journey. I always felt they used what they knew about me to offer me increased value. And I always felt it was on my terms, I was in control of my journey.

In this alternative happily-ever-after world I LOVE Osmo forever and ever.

Bizarrely according to a lot of traditional marketing metrics my real journey would have measured as more successful because journey completion would be measured as ‘transaction/ sold = journey completion = success’ and this was achieved in as few steps as possible with minimum effort from a business perspective. Traditional measures wouldn’t see the extra hassle and steps I was taking in my mind away from this brand. Traditional measures wouldn’t see the added value of improved engagement.

This isn’t a wild imaginary world. This could have been real for Osmo and me, and it’s possible for all brands today – if they focus on enabling customer managed journeys and using real-time, actionable journey insights.