The Customer Engagement Opportunity for Brands

Infographic: How to be a brand with a ‘Happily Ever After’ story

Ever had a company remember who you are, when they last spoke to you and what that conversation was about? How did that make you feel?

Research by the “Brains” at Populus for Thunderhead shows that 89% of us feel a bit special when brands we like give us a cheery wave and show us that they remember us. We’re much happier to provide personal information when we see the rewards it reaps, like saving our time, getting better service or receiving relevant offers. We might even want to hug those brands back and share the love with our friends and family. Astute brands who put their insight and knowledge to good use end up in a much happier place with their customers.

So, not surprisingly, there’s a growing opportunity to generate greater ROI on your marketing budget with a focus on customer engagement.


So how might your brand and your customers live happily ever after?

Simply follow Thunderhead’s 5 points to better customer engagement:

  1. Personalisation – Each and every contact with a customer must be individually tailored and firmly rooted in a real understanding of them.
  2. Contextualisation – give context to each and every experience with your brand For example, demonstrate how long you’ve known a particular individual for.
  3. Relevance – Make sure everything you do is relevant and appropriate to an individual. For example, it’s best not to offer a great bank account deal for married couples when a customer is in fact single.
  4. Knowledge – Demonstrate how well you know your customers, reward them and you can build trust and gain a better understanding of each individual, which in turn, allows you to deliver more personalised, contextual and relevant experiences.
  5. Journeys – See the wood for the trees. Look at the big picture, the end-to-end customer journey, so that you can build engagement with them over the long-term.

The result? Astute brands and happy customers living together in harmony. Make this your brand story now.

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