Journey Analytics and Customer Engagement

Part 2

In Part 1 we clarified some definitions, and the next frontier of journey analytics. In this part 2 we go beyond as we travel into the wider universe of customer engagement.

Go Beyond the Next Frontier

“To boldly go where no man — where no one — has gone before”, to take Marketing to a new level, you need to consider Journey Analytics capabilities in the broader context of customer engagement. As Forrester said, you need to “select vendors that will go the extra mile.” In other words, you need to consider their capability beyond just journey analytics.

Forrester defined customer experience as “How customers perceive their interactions with your company.” Forrester’s report is an evaluation of customer journey insights vendors in that Customer Experience context. Customer Experience, by Forrester’s definition, is a sub-set of customer engagement. The interactions, and how they make customers feel, are just one view. When you evaluate customer journey analytics in the broader context of customer engagement there are other capabilities which are also important to consider. When you consider customer journey analytics as just a means to an end which is better customer engagement and valuable relationships, then you might also want to consider the following capabilities:

  • Can anyone drive this star ship? Think about the ease of use for all your users, without having to rely on coders or IT.
  • Connects all customer conversations, whether they’re mostly Human, Vulcan or Klingon.
  • Listen to anonymous and recognised visitors to your brand.
  • Link a customer to a single profile from any number of actions or channels to have a single customer view.
  • Non-invasive, light touch layer which sits across and connects all other systems. Yes, you can keep playing with your favourite toys, no one is going to take them off you.
  • Warp-speed to deployment, so warp-speed to all the benefits from customer engagement.
  • Completely channel agnostic and aware in all worlds, universes and dimensions, including the digital, human, and physical.

It’s the Customers’ Journey. Not yours.

“Beam me up, Scotty!” Get on board with customer engagement and customer managed journeys and the horizons for your brand will universally expand. You’re not a crazy captain if you hand over the controls to journeys to your customers. It’s the customer’s journey not yours.

Customer managed journeys enable a brand to constantly proactively discover in the moment, in real-time, what’s the most relevant, and is continuously optimizing in real-time. So, Marketers, “Set phasers to stun!” You don’t need to design experiments to learn something when learning and adapting is inherent in the DNA.

When it comes to Customer Journey Analytics make sure you’re navigating on the right course for your customers: “Course heading, Captain?”…”Second star to the right — and straight on ’til morning.” That’s to effortless customer engagement and happier customers, Jim.

Live long, and prosper.

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*“Vendor Landscape Customer Journey Analytics Providers” Report by Forrester, October 13th 2016, written by Tina Moffett and Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha