Marketing Campaign Supernovas Shine with Value

In our last blog we tee’d up the current state of campaigns now we cover the brilliance of a Campaign Supernova. These bright stars will stand out because personalised campaigns driven by journey insight drive stellar results that can’t be achieved using the existing approach:

Increase Revenue –  The effectiveness of your campaigns will dramatically improve as they become relevant and personal to your customers. With campaigns tailored to customers’ individual needs in that moment, customers are more likely to engage with your brand, and personalised experiences see revenue increase by at least 15% over non-personalised.[1] Imagine an 85% increase in bookings or a 60% uplift in sales by injecting your existing campaigns with this higher level of customer insight and personalization.[2]

Increase Brand Loyalty & Trust –  With 44% of consumers saying they are loyal to brands that interact with them through their preferred channels of communication[3], it’s vital to not only be where they are, but also critical to ensure the consistency of message and experience – be it online or offline. 81% of consumers[4] feel loyal to brands that are there when they need them, but otherwise, and perhaps more importantly, respect their time and leave them alone. Your customers are more discerning than ever before, they have high expectations and are less forgiving when brands don’t get it right. But if you don’t dilute your relationship with irrelevant, impersonal and disjointed campaigns you’ll increase customer satisfaction, build long-term loyalty and develop relationships based on mutual value and trust. These are relationships that are built to last and you’ll see retention and satisfaction rates soar.

Reduce Costs – Resource and Budget – A fine-tuned campaign that communicates at the right time, with the right customer based on true journey insight ensures you’re not sending irrelevant messages that not only annoy customers, but will be a waste of time, resource and money as they’re unlikely to interact with you. Effective personalisation can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50 percent and increase the efficiency of marketing spend by 10 to 30 percent[5]. By really understanding your customers and their omni-channel behaviour across your brand you can stop spending on campaigns are of no interest to them, get really clear about the campaigns that are working for them and take them out of campaigns that are irrelevant. Real-time customer journey insight and analytics can show you where your campaigns might be falling short or not delivering, so you can optimise your spend in areas that will give better results. It’s also going to help with planning and developing future campaigns to make them even more effective.

In a Campaign Supernova, your activities become the brightest star in the galaxy, an astronomical event that builds long-term relationships with customers, not just an impersonal one hit wonder.

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