10 Ways to Show Customers You Care

As Valentine’s Day approaches here’s a little love poem you might like:

Roses are red;

Violets are blue;

Brand advocates

Share love for you.

Research by Populus for Thunderhead shows that 89% of us feel special when brands show us they remember us. We’re far more likely to want to hug those brands back and share the love with our friends and family. Astute brands who put their insight and knowledge to good use end up in a much happier place with their customers. Here are 10 ways how you can improve customer engagement and show your customers how much you care:

  1. Personalisation – Tailor each and every interaction with a customer, based on a real understanding of them.
  2. Relevance – Make sure everything you do is relevant and appropriate to each individual. For example, don’t offer a valentine’s discount for a couple when your customer is in fact single.
  3. Knowledge – put what you know about individuals to good use and in the process show them you’re doing this.
  4. Reward – Say thank you to customers who have given you their personal information. You can offer additional services. You can save them time in the future by reducing steps in a process. You can give them access to relevant, tailored offers and deals (and present them at the right time). 82% of customers will like you more for this. Not everyone expects roses and chocolates every day but it’s lovely when they happen.
  5. Don’t be a stranger – keep an ongoing flow of useful contact with people, this will impress 83% of your customers, according to the research, as customers are very responsive to businesses that generate value for them
  6. Remember –acknowledge your previous interactions with people and show them you’re remembering them and where they are on their journey with your brand.
  7. Effortless – have the appropriate joined-up conversation whenever they contact your business, and if they feel like sharing the love about your brand then at least make it easy for them to do that on your web and social channels.
  8. Listen – understand your customers, their preferences and the journey they are on, so for example if they have a service issue don’t send them a sales email or an email asking them to review you.
  9. Context – recognise which channel an individual is in, for example if they’ve just walked into one of your outlets or they’re phoning your call centre, are on their mobile or are sitting at their desk at work – and give them the most relevant, connected experience irrespective of the channel, across every channel, it will make them feel you understand them.
  10. See the whole journey – Focus on the entire journey rather than the isolated experiences, and acknowledge where people are on that journey.

There’s a growing opportunity to generate greater ROI on your marketing budget and turn your customers into your brand advocates. Effortless customer engagement gives you happier customers. And happier customers will be all the more willing to share the love about your brand.

Here’s a little Valentines Day present from us to you. Happy Valentines!