Spring into Effortless Engagement with Customer Journey Insights – Part 1

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Spring bursts to life in Britain this month. We pack away our winter clothes, dust off the BBQ, and start to plan the journeys we’ll make on holiday.

We are celebrating with some poetry about spring and three key ingredients to help you use actionable customer journey insights for effortless engagement and happier customers.

You might agree with Gerard Manley Hopkins who wrote in his poem ‘Spring’, “Nothing is so beautiful as spring,” but for most CMOs nothing is as beautiful as happy customers for their brands.

Part 1 – Connect your physical and digital channels

Imagine taking a walk through the countryside to see what Hopkins wrote about Spring: “all this juice and all this joy.”  Then you come across a brick wall. There’s no getting over it. You can’t continue with your walk. You feel trapped. There’s no juice or joy.

That’s where you’re leaving your customers if you don’t connect your digital channels with your physical, like your retail outlets or call centres. You are trapping them. There’s only one natural reaction to that: bail out and escape to your competitors.

The cost of having isolated channels cut off behind brick walls across your brand is high. Customers will experience the brand as being impersonal, indifferent, confusing and inconsistent. Those customers won’t feel happy or be inclined to show much loyalty. Similarly those brands will have ineffective, irrelevant marketing, and will suffer from a smaller share of wallet and lower lifetime value of their customers. It’s all pretty toxic. Nothing much is going to grow in that broken environment.

Sow the seeds for your brand’s growth by connecting your physical and digital channels.  Give your brand and customers that spring-time they deserve.


  • You can give every employee a real time view of the individual level of customer behaviours, insight, journey and next best conversation.
  • Capture insight and feed that into delivering the next best conversation.
  • Ensure the customer facing technology you have is connected for today’s omni-channel customer journey.

Benefits of connecting your digital and physical channels for your brand:

  • Happier customers due to making your brand more relevant, improved context and recognising the individual customer.
  • Happier employees as they become more engaged and win higher bonuses as their performance improves.
  • An empowered service channel that will drive the right conversations, whether that’s a part of a sales or service customer journey – or both.
  • Anticipate customer needs more successfully and solve their needs with the right conversations.
  • Bridge the isolated silos that exist in your organisation to become truly customer-centric.
  • Greater ROI from marketing investment with relevant offers and messages that are genuinely helpful and appropriate.
  • Faster to market and faster time to see the value with improved speed of deployment.

Connecting your physical and digital channels means your customers can see “all this juice and joy” and see your brand burst into life for them.

Like D.H. Lawrence you will find once you connect your physical and digital channels: “I am amazed at this spring…this blaze of growing.” Building bridges to connect your channels is an essential ingredient to spring your brand into effortless engagement and happier customers.  

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