Spring into Effortless Engagement with Customer Journey Insights – Part 2

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Spring bursts to life in Britain this month. We pack away our winter clothes, dust off the BBQ, and start to plan the journeys we’ll make on holiday.

We are celebrating with some poetry about spring and three top tips to help you use actionable customer journey insights for effortless engagement and happier customers.

You might agree with Gerard Manley Hopkins who wrote in his poem ‘Spring’, “Nothing is so beautiful as spring,” but for most CMOs nothing is as beautiful as happy customers for their brands.

Part 2 – Get to know your anonymous visitors

Thomas Nash described people enjoying Spring: “Then maids dance in a ring…the shepherds pipe all day…young lovers meet, old wives a-sunning sit.” Nash didn’t mention any individuals by name, they’re anonymous, but he read their pleasure from their behaviour.

To spring your brand into effortless engagement and happier customers you need to listen to your anonymous visitors. Like Nash you might hear “In every street these tunes our ears do greet…Spring, the sweet spring!” The unknown, anonymous visitor to your website or shop might not yet have a face or a name but they are telling you a lot about themselves and their needs by what they are doing. For example when they first visit your website what they choose to interact with will tell you a lot. You might not yet be able to put a face to a name but they are still real people whose actions speak volumes.

Greet your anonymous visitors. You might not know their names but you can still offer them more relevant information and be more likely to reflect their needs.


  • Associate anonymous journeys to visitors based on the concept of having ‘recognised’ the individual on their device or devices previously therefore even though they are currently anonymous, the journey can be associated to a specific visitor and their individual behaviours and intent,  and conversations can be tailored with every interaction..
  • Drive a movement away from generic and often irrelevant one size fits all campaigns and a step towards an extension of the conversation about the right subject in the right context and at the most relevant time for the customer.
  • Present relevant, dynamic content or trigger outbound activity based the visitor’s previous action which indicated an interest in or need for something as part of their anonymous journey.

How will getting to know your anonymous visitors help your brand and make customers happier?

  • Happier customers due to making your brand more relevant, improving context and recognising the individual journey, even if you don’t know exactly who they are at that point.
  • Better insight into new leads for your employees by joining anonymous activity to customer activity when they identify themselves, to make sure you never lose all the behaviour and intentions they displayed when they were anonymous.
  • Anticipate customer needs more successfully and solve their needs with the right conversations.
  • Greater ROI from marketing investment, upsell and cross sell campaigns
  • Drive relevant and appropriate conversions with anyone interacting with your brand
  • Service the need of the customer in that moment – avoiding time consuming and more costly switches to assisted channels (call centre for e.g.)

Actionable customer journey insights can help you embrace the great unknown. What was a blank empty canvas becomes portraits of the individual human beings they really are. As a result, your portraits are also going to be of smiling, happy customers that you can start to build real relationships with.

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