Infographic: The Cost of Crappy Customer Experiences

Ever had a crappy customer experience? What did you do?

Research by the boffins Thunderhead and Populus shows we are not a forgiving bunch. And why should we be? Brands may get it wrong only once but 25% of us will switch to the next best choice in the blink of an eye. Disappoint customers and you push them into the arms of your competitors; not a great ROI story for any CMO.


$1506 lost revenue from cancellations by unhappy customers.

So: avoid bleeding cash, make your customers happy.

25% of customers will go to a competitor after just one bad experience.

So: don’t give them a reason to dump you, give them reasons to love you.

45% will walk away from buying something if they have to go from pillar to post to purchase.

So: help your customers to buy from you in one easy-peasy step.

357,000 ‘dislikes’ by unhappy customers sharing their tales of woe.

So: listen to and learn from your customers.

19% are like elephants and will never forget – or forgive – after one bad experience, they will never trust you ever again. Forever is a long time to lose someone.

So: Don’t be a Loser, be a Keeper.

59% of customers feel they are in a one-way relationship with a brand. No one likes asking someone for a cuddle only to be told: “I’m busy watching a film”.

So: Don’t turn your back on your customers. Give them a hug instead.

58% have seen no improvement in their relationship with brands.

So: they’re giving you a big clue they could be about to dump you.


3 steps to happy customers and a better Marketing ROI

To avoid paying the price of having disappointed customers follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Listen to them
  2. Engage with them
  3. Learn from them.

Make making your customers happy your top priority – now. Every minute you hesitate not making customer engagement your top priority – well, you do the maths.

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