10 Customer Journey Tips for Marketers

2 Minute Read

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

(Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back)

Manage customer journeys, try always you will. Control your customer, try always you will. Customer happiness find, you will not. Future success have, you will not.

You’ll also be using a static, process-driven, method which won’t change as fast as a customer can change their behaviour by doing something surprising or unplanned. Marketers who try to manage their customer journeys will forever be chasing their tails. And failing. So stop trying and start doing something positive for your customers: enable customer managed journeys.

If Yoda could give a top 10 of his pearls of wisdom on customer journeys for marketers we think these would be his top Yod(ish) tips:

  1. The customer journey is a defining source of competitive advantage. Just remember: the customer’s journey is not yours to manage. Only the customer’s managed journey there is.
  2. Delivering a breakthrough experience during a customer’s journey means they’ll trust you more, faster and you’ll enjoy a happy dance together of more information being exchanged and richer engagement. Trust you more, will they.
  3. To dance the happy dance with customers you’ll need actionable journey insight which can be used to deliver real-time magic value at the moment a customer interacts with your brand. Need that clever bit, you will.
  4. Cutting-edge journeys succeed because they create value for your customers and your brand. Seek cutting-edge journeys, you must.
  5. Proactive personalisation based on customer insight delivers value, all the more if it’s real-time and happens at the right moment for it to be relevant. Good, insight-driven personalisation is.
  6. Customer context is important – if you use what you know about where a customer is in their journey to give them a continuous joined-up conversation that answers their need you’re more likely to make magic happen. Important, the customer’s context is. That is the way of things…The way of the Force.
  7. If you consider yourself a bit of a Marketing Rock Star chances are you’ll understand the customer journey better than your peers. The successful CMOs of the future will be thinking about the entire customer journey and won’t be getting bogged down in channels or bits of a purchase path. Leave those for the losers. Understand the whole customer journey, you must.
  8. The main point about customer managed journeys is it’s a win-win. Happy, make you and your customers, you will.
  9. Customer insights also extend the possibilities for innovation. You’ll discover fresh new sources of value and new services. If you use holistic journey insights to help build an adaptive engagement profile of the customer which self-learns over time then you’re really motoring. To innovation customer insights lead. The future find, you will.
  10. Stop trying to “manage” customer journeys and instead enable customer managed journeys. It’s less exhausting and far more rewarding for you and your customers. Enable customer managed journeys, you must unlearn what you have learned.

Stop trying to manage the unmanageable, you must. Yes, hmmm. Time to let go of trying to plan and map customer journeys, it is.  Sense it makes, you know.