ONE for Retail Banking: Use Cases

These use cases demonstrate how ONE’s Journey Orchestration can transform customer engagement and support the retail banking business.

Putting personal service back into banking

Even before the extraordinary impacts of 2020, the world of retail banking was undergoing a transformation. The digitalization of competitor services, changing regulation, capped interest rates, a plethora of new and innovative Fintechs and increased customer expectations – coinciding with the increased ease of switching – seemed to conspire in disrupting what had been a comparatively steady sector. And faced with myriad challenges, traditional, larger banks have struggled to maintain customers volumes and protect business margins.

But while the banking environment may have transformed, the same cannot be said for customer experience. As the central differentiator for service brands, it directly impacts engagement, loyalty and ultimately, trust.

Journey Orchestration, and its ability to make instant decisions in the customer’s best interests, at scale, has become a critical capability. Read these use cases to understand how ONE’s Journey Orchestration can transform customer experiences in retail banking.

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