Saga ONE Engagement Hub Case Study

Saga saw a 59% sales increase in just 6 weeks with Thunderhead's ONE Engagement Hub

Not all over 50s like coach holidays

Forget blue rinses and tea dances, now consumers over 50 are tech-savvy and seeking a little adventure to go with their golden years. They’re about as likely to reach for the surfboard as their slippers.That was the challenge facing Saga, who provide holidays and cruises for more than 150,000 over 50s every year.

Saga chose Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub, our cloud-based solution that connects customer insight, context and real-time journey behaviour across all customer touchpoints. It was a quick and easy fix for Saga that could sit across their existing systems.

Read this case study to find out how ONE sailed through with flying colours for Saga, including a 59% sales increase in just 6 weeks with ONE.


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