Engagement Insights: Customer intelligence for ONE

Engagement Insights provides ONE with a step up in customer engagement analytics, at scale. And it’s accessible to all, right now.

Introducing more powerful, omnichannel customer insights

Engagement Insights is a new collection of features providing ONE with the ability to display significant patterns of macro customer behavior. This allows you to understand how engaged customers are across your product and channel portfolio, and deliver an individualized customer experience.

Designed to convey higher-level customer interactions with your brand, Engagement Insights provides a user-friendly, dashboard reporting function to the ONE framework. Its visualizations swiftly convey an array of metrics, empowering you to address important questions about how customers are engaging with your brand. The customer insights from this provide a catalyst for deeper analysis, such as which products and channels are most effective (and should be further utilized), why brand goals are not performing, or why customers’ needs are not being met.

Since ONE listens everywhere, you also see a realistic and useful view of retention levels. But unlike most business visualization tools, Engagement Insights won’t need unwieldy processing time – so you’ll be able to focus on what’s important without delay.

Customer-centric metrics, across every channel

Engagement Insights is likely to be your only source of truth to understand how and where all types of customers behave across all of your channels. Brands can establish which areas are delivering on customer intent – and where they may need to up their game – by understanding engagement at every stage. This is genuinely omnichannel analysis: transcending business functions such as marketing, sales and service, plus digital and physical, from website to retail or call centres. Once a brand understands journeys over time, it can delivery customer engagement and ultimately, earn customer loyalty.

Three powerful capabilities

The Engagement Insights dashboard has been developed to simplify our existing reporting, incorporating new and intuitive functionality. It provides three fundamental enhancements to the ONE Engagement Hub:

Activity Reports

See what’s happening across your estate, in an instant. Activity Reports visualize all customer activity across channels, touchpoints, products, activity types or lifecycle stages – and crucially, over time.

Orchestration Reports

These will show how customers are reacting, wherever they are. Brands can then move beyond traditional A/B testing, discerning which individualized experiences deliver the most value for customers – and where. This will be a potent asset in optimizing communications and end-to-end experiences.

Customer Insight Reports

Drill deeper into customers – their motivations and their engagement – in an instant. This includes understanding customer recognition, interest level across your product or service mix, customer intent by activity, ‘stickyness’ (whether they are returning) or key attributes.


Engagement Insights takes Journey Reporting to greater heights

Together, these functions further help brands to understand the purpose of their customers’ interactions at a global level. What are your customers trying to do – and are they achieving it? Thorough Engagement Insights, Journey and Engagement Analytics are fundamental to delivering a customer-centric CX; meeting your customers’ needs while fueling business goals.

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