Video Series: CEO Glen Manchester shares his thoughts on customer journey experiences

From Journey Orchestration to customer-led conversations, Glen discusses the lay of the land, and what's to look forward to in 2021. Watch all the films, right here.

A year of change

The tumultuous year that was 2020 saw a huge acceleration in the use of digital service and purchase channels. And with so many technology providers rightly coalescing around the need for ‘customer-led’ experiences, how can brands navigate?

In this series of films, our CEO and Founder Glen Manchester explains terminologies, dispels myths, gives his view on the market and shares what’s next for Thunderhead.

How can brands show empathy and sensitivity to their customers?

When it comes to customers, there is much discussion in the market surrounding empathy and sensitivity in a drive to ‘see things from a customer’s perspective’. And the days of simply mapping the customer journey for the benefit of customer satisfaction are numbered. But with so many different technologies professing to be a ‘customer engagement solution’, how can brands navigate the landscape? Glen discusses the challenges, opportunities and how to succeed in understanding the customer journey and being “Humanistic”.

How can brands make the shift from the old world to the customer-led enterprise?

In a landscape of direct-to-consumer, often subscription-based products and services, there’s a need to rethink legacy systems. A customer-led environment needs a layer to connect technologies and enable seamless, enriched experiences. Done right, we can usefully understand the customer and set about improving the experience. Upswings in marketing, sales and customer service then lead to significant commercial gains. So, how can a brand adapt?

Why is the combination of Journey Orchestration and RTIM so important?

Gathering all available context over time and conversing at the ‘appropriate instant’ are fundamental capabilities for brands striving to understand customer journeys and provide standout experiences. Journey Orchestration and RTIM are fundamental drivers, providing visual representations of journeys and allowing organizations to understand their customers and create meaningful engagement. Here, we discuss their respective, intrinsically linked, roles.

Thunderhead’s unique position In the Journey Orchestration and RTIM space

Thunderhead created a new generation of technology to fulfil ‘closed-loop customer engagement’. Today, we are the trailblazer for its associated capabilities – and the only Leader in Forrester’s Journey Orchestration and RTIM Waves. Glen shares how we pioneered the ultimate customer engagement technology and why it’s unique in the space.

What three things should brands ask tech providers in their RFI’s for Journey Orchestration or RTIM?

Faced with an abundance of choice, jargon and promises, navigating a world of ‘customer experience’ technology can be tricky. But there are three critical questions you can ask tech providers when you are considering either Journey Orchestration or RTIM – or both. If the answer is ‘yes’ to all three, you’ll know you are on the right lines (and we’d be delighted to help…).

The difference between Personalization and Individualization

While others still strive for ‘personalization’, Thunderhead obsesses over the realization of individualization. There is a marked – and crucial – difference between the two. And understanding the difference is the first step being ‘customer-led’. Only one of these can address pain points, and genuinely orchestrate conversations through the lens of the customer.

What are you looking forward to for Thunderhead in 2021?

After an unusual year, we find ourself operating in an unprecedented, yet exhilarating time for customer engagement. Thunderhead is making great strides with our people and products, with new initiatives that will impact brands across the sectors. Glen discusses what he’s seeing in the market, and what we’ve got to look forward to in 2021.

What is Journey Orchestration and Real-Time Interaction Management?

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