Report | The rise of journey management as a platform for customer engagement

How have the last 18 months shaped the management of customer journeys? Download the full report here.
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Global events have led many brands to accelerate their use of remote, digital channels for servicing and communicating with customers.

Facing more nimble competition, this supported existing efforts to improve service levels and retention scores. But looking ahead, it also created an urgency for organizations to manage customer journeys at scale.

To comprehend how these shifts related to customer engagement, we asked MyCustomer to conduct a global research report. Surveying 200 service, customer experience and marketing leaders, the report investigated the ways brands are understanding and managing customer journeys at scale, and their provision of seamless experiences. We sought to establish how today’s journey management related to customer experience and trust.

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● How COVID has impacted the way brands are delivering customer experiences
● What brands are doing to manage customer journeys at scale
● The relationship between Customer Journey Orchestration and digital transformation
● What role Customer Journey Orchestration and Real-time Interaction Management play in achieving CX differentiation

Discussion on the Insights

We invited Neil Davey, Managing Editor of MyCustomer and Michael Conley, SVP, Chief Information Officer of the Cleveland Cavaliers, to discuss the findings of the report with our very own Margaret Phelan. You can watch the full conversation here: