Video: The evolving role of customer experience (CX)

Putting customers first doesn't have to be complicated. CRO Rob Coyne shares a practical view on Customer Experience.

Providing Standout Customer Experiences: What is a brand to do?

Over the last decade or so, the understanding of – and interest in – ‘customer experience’, and the technical competences supporting it, have completely transformed.

Once, CX was considered by many as a niche discipline, draining an organization’s bottom line. But since then, businesses have come to appreciate its fundamental role in a faster, omnichannel world, and heavy investment in the space followed.

But while businesses are broadly familiar with the premise of needing to ‘give customers better experiences’ or ‘become customer-centric’, many continue to struggle with understanding and ‘operation-alising’ Customer Experience.

In this film, our CRO Rob Coyne breaks down the ability to provide standout customer experiences into three practical components.

What is Journey Orchestration and Real-Time Interaction Management?

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