Download: ‘Engagement for a Changing World’ Study

The Industry-Leading Customer Engagement Model

Introducing a model for effortless customer engagement and happier customers.

Co_Authored by Thunderhead and Customer Engagement Analyst Esteban Kolsky, ThinkJar. The framework presented in this 12 page research paper provides a comprehensive and clear model for customer engagement, which can be used to drive engagement programs and deliver measurable business outcomes.
The research study conducted by Populus and Esteban Kolsky for Thunderhead present the engagement opportunity and a model for building customer engagement to achieve effortless engagement and happier customers.
Read this research study to find out more about:

– Engagement as a corporate objective
– Defining engagement
– A new Model for Engagement
– Trust and Engagement
– Knowledge and Engagement
– Measuring Engagement
– Engagement as a value chain.

12 pages.

This research study compliments the book on customer engagement, Engagement 3.0. This is our 30 page research report which presents the original in-depth research with over 2000 customers and 30 senior business leaders. Find out more about the Engagement 3.0 Research Report.
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