Getting Started With Customer Engagement Webinar

Why True Customer Engagement Shouldn’t Be On Your Too Difficult Pile

Download and watch this webinar to find how to get started with customer engagement the easy way, using our simple 4-step model.

Watch to find out practical hints and tips for getting started with customer engagement.

What you’ll see in our How to Get Started with customer engagement webinar

– Join renowned Customer Experience expert Martin Hill-Wilson talk about why customer engagement matters and the barriers to effective customer engagement.

– Hear Thunderhead’s Darren Loveday VP Customer Engagement walk you through a guide to getting started with customer engagement including looking at the engagement landscape in your business and 4 steps to achieving true customer engagement.

– Hear the experts discuss and explode some myths and excuses around customer engagement.

– Watch MyCustomer managing editor Neil Davey examine customer engagement programmes.

– Hear the reasons why customer engagement can end up on your ‘too difficult pile’ – and tips on how to get customer engagement off the ‘too difficult pile’.

– Hear about a practical framework for how to kick start your customer engagement strategy.

– Find out which brands are getting customer engagement right and reaping the benefits.

– No matter what your starting point, coming from Marketing, Customer Experience or digital transformation, focusing on the relationship between your brand and your customer is the key to enabling customer engagement. Find out how, watch the webinar now.

Viewing time: 1 hour