Webinar | The rise of journey management as a platform for customer engagement

In this webinar replay we preview the findings of our new global research report, revealing how brands are evolving journey management to engage customers at scale.
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The pandemic forced many to accelerate their mobilization of digital channels

This coincided with a greater organizational focus on improving service and retention. It also meant the ability to manage customer journeys at scale had become critical.

To understand how these shifts impacted customer engagement, we commissioned an independent global research report with MyCustomer, surveying 200 service, customer experience and marketing leaders. This investigated how brands are understanding and managing their evolving customer journeys, the provision of seamless experiences, and how these relate to experience and trust.

In this webinar replay we shared – and make sense of – the findings of this research report.

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MyCustomer Report Webinar Report Cover

MyCustomer Report Webinar Speakers
Your Speakers:
Neil Davey, Managing Editor, MyCustomer
Margaret Phelan, VP Global Customer Service, Thunderhead
Michael Conley, SVP, Chief Information Officer, Cleveland Cavaliers

Watch this webinar replay to understand:

● How the events of the last year affected the way brands are approaching their customer experiences
● How to scale customer journey management effectively
● Organizational management of customer journeys at scale
● The evolving role of Customer Journey Orchestration, and how it is achieving digital transformation
● Why Customer Journey Orchestration and Real-time Interaction Management have become integral to achieving differentiated customer experience

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This exceptional year has had a drastic impact on how brands communicate with, and service their customers. To understand how they’ve fared and what this means for the evolving customer journey, read the findings in full: