Forrester Webinar | Moments-based marketing: An Engagement-led approach to enterprise martech

Featuring marketing and technology expert, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, Joe Stanhope
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The COVID pandemic has forced many interactions online, fundamentally changing the way brands harness consumers’ attention, to then build and manage their customer relationships.

More than ever before, every interaction counts, across every cross-channel customer journey. So, a new model for managing relationships and achieving engagement with customers is required.

In this webinar replay, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, Joe Stanhope shares why brands need to rethink the way they keep customers engaged with a moments-based approach – powered by next generation technology – to deliver the best possible customer experience. That’s when and where customers choose to interact, in real time – and across every product, service, or marketing campaign.

Watch the webinar


● The future of marketing campaigns and why moments-based matters

● Why Journey Orchestration, Journey Analytics and Real-time Interaction Management are critical

● Implementing a moments-based customer engagement strategy

● Next generation technology and data capabilities brands should be thinking about

Your Guest Speaker:

Joe Stanhope, VP and Principal Analyst

Joe is a vice president and principal analyst, serving CMOs. He is a leading expert on the intersection of marketing and technology. Joe’s research focuses on exploring strategies for leveraging technology — including enterprise marketing software suites, customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management, customer data platforms, and identity management — to deliver relevant and engaging customer experiences. Joe also researches the long-term trajectory of the marketing technology ecosystem and its implications for marketing organizations, technology suppliers, and services providers.